Women and Sport

So, England Ladies are now through to the Euro Championships Final and brilliant to watch and shows how far women in sport has changed. It is no longer a “Mans Game” as women can play the same sports too and we saw that this evening as I write this blog.

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I did reading in my English lesson at Secondary School about Women in Football and how in a football magazine that they put Karen Brady against a Managing Director of I think it was Blackpool FC, was a female and put them against each other, because they were both women. I remember having an argument with my school friends who said the women’s football would never be big because of the men’s football is different and never would be the same, and who now has had the last laugh? Sorry, but reminding myself of this gets my blood still boiling. Yes of course they have proven that they are just as good and even better, because they being ladies have had to prove themselves more.

It is so good that they are on the TV and on a main channel on the TV and being taken seriously. It is not about agenda but capabilities and that is exactly what women in sport have proven. I like the fact now that in Athletics they have mixed relays, so men and women together and in Tennis they have had mixed doubles for years, so they can play sports together.

Yes men are biologically stronger but doesn’t mean women can’t compete, of course they can.

Life is not about agendas as I have noticed that there a female bus drivers and before this was male dominated, and the same for the emergency services.

I am glad that they get to the play the Ladies Euro Championship Final at Wembley as it is about time, they do and done for years now, have the Women’s FA Cup Final at Wembley so I feel so revved up by it. I for a while would say it isn’t the same watching women’s football when I’d daydream of being a footballer myself , but yes it is and loved watching the Women’s World cup and so happy that we are no longer seen as housewives, and seen to the world to have babies when were are on this planet to live and live beyond our means, just like men.

So you ladies of sport hope that we (England FC) can win and going to be making sure I can watch the final for the Ladies European Championship Final and being praying that the trophy is ours.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

Typical London Gal.

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Working out on really hot days during the Summer

So as we have had really hot weather I have found it hard to workout in, but luckily where my son lives with his dad he still has some fitness equipment and these last two days been using the Cross-trainer, when I haven’t felt like using my dumbbells to mix it up and indoors.

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

You have to be sensible in this heat and drinking lots of water and training in coolest part of the day. I know that is not always possible and I have been using the Cross-trainer as I have been getting my sons dinner ready, but would like it to get back in the habit about exercising in the morning. With the heat I have been finding it tough because of the fatigue, that comes with hot weather.

The heat has broken records in the UK and I still see people jogging, but for me this is the last thing I think of. I want to wear light clothing and tried to do some walking but where there is shade, but even that has been a struggle and wanting to dive in a pool full of water, and I did just that. I took my son Swimming yesterday and both me and my son loved it.

Swimming is great way to get fit and this is the Rainbow Leisure in centre in Epsom, and not I am not sponsored but wouldn’t say no if they asked. Find some Better gyms and honestly you can pay as you go and build up points and you can take these points off the price of the booking, so check them out.

So more hot weather to come and so stay in the shade if you like me can’t sit in the heat for very long and stay hydrated. Use Suncream, and I have been using the Skin Therapy range in Wilkos and they do kids factors to adults up to 50+ and so far a brilliant and neither my son or I have gotten burned so check this range out, and again not sponsored, it is a new range I have discovered and not expensive and worth the cost.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Getting fit in my bedroom vs going to the gym

Since I began to exercise I at least try and fit in a ten minute workout in my room and use the outdoors. I did go to a gym but I would also in the summer walk home which was about 8 miles or so and began to out grow my time joining the gym.

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

I tried military fitness via being introduced to it by a friend, and it was good but because it was so intense and high intensity it would put me off from going. As I write this, the thought of “Should I try this again?” but with my current schedule it would be hard to join, my excuse. I know I can go in the morning, but then I think “What about my blogs?”, “I need to finish my book” So perhaps I will, and see where I can join. Then there is the cost and will my anxiety start putting doubtful thoughts in my head, but I feel right now in writing this blog, I feel that this hurdle can be answered, and that I feel I won’t put off going and surprised that my fear has lessoned. I am going to leave that there for now, and gonna say no more, as I know the thoughts of the worst case scenarios, if I do the military fitness begin should I d this type of fitness again.

The gym is good because you are indoors and the better gyms for me is the ones I like to use, as you can pay as you go and plan on going there again and be good to see if it is worth having a membership again. The one thing that puts me off gyms, is the starting cost that some gyms have, joining fees and like when I join David Lloyd the price of the joining started to increase, yet working in my own home and in my bedroom costs me nothing. I have weights, I have trainers and I have fitness clothes, and have space to work out.

Also there is youtube who have a lot of free workouts and have used youtube workouts a lot and even have a playlist, and I have joined Davina McCall Own your goals and so got this to use, and find that I can’t be put off by other people working out and comparing. That can be unhealthy and then there is the shower cubicles and remembering to pack for the gym, as there have been times where I plan to workout and forgot my trainers, or a towel and my sports bra.

At home you have it all there and I see a lot of people workout in parks, the outdoors, such as Military Fitness. When my son was born I did Buggyfit, I would jog whilst pushing my son in his pushchair and would like to do more trail walking as I really enjoy that, but I am thinking now that perhaps I will do the gym in the colder months and begin in September. I will report back, but for now going to use what I have to keep fit and that it my home weights and the outdoors walking to build up my steps and enjoy the environment I have around me which costs nothing.

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Carrie X

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Reconnecting with myself keeping fit and healthy

Hello and welcome! I have been really liking my walks and playing football with my son this Spring and it so good to be with nature and have some mother and son time.

Including kids into your fitness regime is great way to bond and helps us both relax and have fun.

I haven’t done any more home workouts as much because this time of year I want to be outdoors and exploring.

Living in London and Surrey there are so many places you can walk for example Richmond Park, The Southbank, Kingston upon Thames and be near the River Thames.

I like spending time reconnecting with myself and helps with the mind. I suffer with anxiety and once outdoors I just take it all in now rather than day dreaming all of the time in doing so.

I find it encouraging when I see others looking after their health and wellbeing, going jogging, doing an outdoor fitness class or a leisurely stroll along the river and saying hello to different people.

I have changed my diet and habits and save money on food by eating what there is to eat and not having to buy groceries all of the time and not wasting money on food and not eating it.

I do buy some snacks but cutting it down to 1 to 2 items, and eat them when travelling to do the school run. I don’t deprive myself of treats but make sure it isn’t all of the time and what time I eat certain food like not having a midnight snack now about concentrating on fuelling but not overeating and spend time getting fit and keep active as much as possible.

Many thank for reading,

Carrie X

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Getting fit with your kids

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Being a parent exercising can be done with your kids and not having to wait until they have gone to school or out, and you have a free window in your life to do some. Playing football with your kids is a great way to keep fit, and definitely should be included, and even if you live in a block of flats, but have a park near by, you can it still have a kick about, and a great way to be active rather then sitting and watching TV all of the time, feeling sluggish because we’ve not done any.

When I would go camping as a kid I loved it when we all played a game of rounders, or to Rye, when my dad’s pub football team would travel to Rye, to play football and then we’d play in a local pub nearby and sit in the gardens, and the outdoors is full of fun.

I love seeing families getting fit together and can be a regular weekly thing you do, and can really help with bonding and seeing adult jogging or cycling with their kids.

When we would go to Clacton for our yearly holiday we would cycle to funny bikes, do a pony ride or swim in the swimming pool or in the sea, and holiday camps are fantastic places to go as they have so much that you can do, and would often see a regular guest who’d each morning go for jog along the beach in the south coast of England, and it inspired me, because I began doing this too. It is how I started to really exercise.

This was before my son Henry was in the world but is great to do as a family and run along the seaside and there are lovely places you can visit.

I love walking along the river and even if you don’t run, you can make it a regular walk and often see mums with their babies getting fit, and I did Buggyfit and was a good to do this on a weekly basis. If it is raining why not have your kids do a bit of yoga. When working in a nursery they had the kids doing yoga.

Why not book a court in a park and play tennis, cricket or football. The Goals Centres and parks like Wimbledon Park have these facilities, and so never fear you can still get fit with your kids and this is GET THEM INVOLVED!

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Getting Fit During the School holidays

I am not sure if I have done a blog about this but it is always good to go back if I have, because looking after kids and exercise can be a juggling act. For me I will use the activities me and my son do when outside to stay in shape and often my son will copy me. It is good in my opinion for kids to exercise each day and so if it means a kick about in the garden then I do it.

Free Clipart - Kids Fitness Clipart – Stunning free transparent png clipart  images free download

I don’t plan exercise because as soon as I do it changes and I don’t do any so making it easy on myself and do it when I know I can fit it in and just get up and do some. Just as I write this I did some weights of 6 and 12 reps in two sets and did this whilst my son was downstairs with nanny and so it is whenever I get to do any.

Of course it is almost at the end of this years winter half term and the next time will be Easter, and so in the UK we are heading into Spring, and I will be working through this and so will be on my feet a lot then too. I can be lazy, but I like to be productive when doing that and looking forward to be working within a Holiday club for kids, and hope it will lead me to other opportunities coming my way too.

When it comes to working out at home as today it is Friday and blistery outside, it is a storm and so stayed in today I would find ways to keep moving and go up the stairs a lot and potter and do little bits of errands and different items so I am moving and still keeping my energy high and not be effected by the fatigue of stopping in.

So I hope we will be able to venture out tomorrow and go for a walk and be able to play in one of the parks, but if not will try and fit in another workout in tomorrow.

Working around the weather can be tricky but can be done. If you don’t find the time then do some when the kids go back. I avoid the pressure of keeping fit but enjoy it when I am able to do some exercise and not get on my nerves because I never got round to exercise. I know I will always catch up.

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Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Getting fit doing the school run

Yes it is back to doing the school run and even though it means waiting for Henry’s taxi to arrive to take him there and back, it means a lot of back and forth to get to his house, but helps me get my steps in each day and spend time waiting for him when I do the drop off to exercise whilst I wait.

Set with Parents and Their Children Doing Different Sport Exercises. Family  Time. Physical Activity and Healthy Stock Vector - Illustration of human,  comic: 107862396

I do 6 exercises a day and has been working for me to make sure I fit in a good amount of exercise each week.

When I used to take him to school I would put on my fitness gear so once I dropped him off I would do a run and many of the parents who did the school run would do the same or cycle to school.

Exercise as a parent is possible and so set a time and day to get fit and then you will be surprised how you can make the school run enjoyable and helps your kids to get fit too.

Often because there were different ways to get to his first school I would leave ahead of time and walk the long way back to when I lived in Epsom and back and it did help get my steps done and use the healh app to measure my steps each day.

When I go over to Epsom by train I will walk to my son’s house and then get the bus back.

I have before now got up extra early to exercise before my son and when I was with Henry’s dad woke up and would give me a great boost of energy that it stop the fatigue and help accomplish so much in my day.

So lets all do this and let me know what exercise tips you have and if you do any exercising when doing the school run, you can lavea a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Showing personality in sport and getting fit

First of all we’ll done to our girl GB tennis player for winning the BBC sports personality of the year and so right too. It did inspire me to write this blog, and ask “Do you need personality to play sport or do exercise?”

Well it depends on the sport or the exercise. For tennis players their personality that gets us to watch them and gain our attention.

The same with football, rugby and cricket. I think of people like Alan Shearer who is now a pundit and Freddy Flintoff, who hosts Top Gear and so it shines on their reactions when they have won and lost.

With exercise if they love dance you need to be disciplined and so with that comes personality and usually their determination and when I did running fundraising events like the London 10K run there were a lot of people with personality and bounced off them because of their personality.

When doing these events it restored my faith in people, as there are not nice people in this world, sadly so it was lovely having people who didn’t know cheering me on.

So yes personality should always be there as this inspire others and felt when doing these events encouraged others too.

Many thanks for reading

Carrie x

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Getting fit over Christmas

This blog I always write this time of the year but I enjoy doing these types of blogs. Each year I find this time of the year tough to fit in exercise. I kept up with it this year and changing my routine has made a difference.

Getting fit over Christmas includes a Christmas Day Walk and the same for boxing day. I do this each year and love it.

54,155 Winter Running Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

I didnt accomplish all my fitness goals for this year, but now is the time of year where I will begin to plan for next year, and I really would like to go to a boxing fitness class. Boxing or sparring they call it now is great for the arms and helps to build up strength.

When it comes to reaching goals I try not to be too harsh on myself, but I do feel disappointment, because they are achieveable but life takes over. Yet I have been trying to stick with the routine and doing 6 exercises per routine has been easier to still get working out done.

This Christmas I want to do long walks again, and their are specific routes I’d like to do. Kingston to Richmond is a lovely route to take and from Putney to Hammersmith and along from the Chelsea Embankment to central London.

Tomorrow I will be out more and doing more walking to get all my Christmas shopping done without worrying about it, and then Wednesday coming I want to do a walk from Wimbledon to Morden and gonna wrap up to have extra warmth.

Walking does help you get used to the cold weather again and before you know it, you can sweat and is deceiving.

I would recommend layers but with good breahable insulating clothes that don’t rub, and make sure I have my head and neck and feet covered as I do my walking this time of the year.

So, more blogs to come and I do write a fitness blog on google too:


Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

This time of year I love walking around Christmas Markets and I would say include it in your routine. I have done this and it helps make a difference of how you see exercise and physcial activity.

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Getting fit during half term

Yes getting fit during half term. It can be tricky, as my son for example is very demanding in that he wants my full attention, and not leave my side. So to work around this, I get him to join in.

1,765 Kids Watching Parents Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

All I do is a home workout of 6 exercises and walking, visiting different places, mainly up London and it feels like easy living rather than a chore. At first it did become like it was a chore, so now I change it to being kind of like a ritual, in the week and at the weekend.

I don’t have a set time anymore and do it when I have a spare window of time, like I did some exercise after my dinner early evening, and like tomorrow I will do more walking and then Monday and Tuesday can do more working out at home, due to my son spending time with his dad.

It is about fixing it around your lifestyle and I like using these blogs to keep myself updateed aswell as yourselves.

I find seeing others jogging and training at home, inspiring and helps me to do some, and I do. I no longer use excuses, and I don’t wait for the inner critic to speak to me and shut it down and start before it gets to that point.

I no longer log it down, as I find this stops me, so writing blogs about it is how I have kept up with it, and good to share the times I can’t be bothered to when I can. I am a real person writing these blogs and not a robot who gets stuck in charge all the time and making out I am always smiles when I think of getting fit each week, but its when I feel alive and raring to go, then I will.

Being a parent and half term, it is overbearing when you feel I have to workout now and it’s almost 11pm a night, and so I will go for walks and then find my way at some point again, and don’t be unkind to myself because I haven’t worked out.

I always get myself back into it, and so I take the pressure away but looking forward to it, when I can when it comes to half term.

How do you get on with your fitness when it comes to half term? You can leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Fitness Equipment and Easy light workouts

Hello and welcome! If you have been reading these blogs than thank you. In this blog I am talking about equipment and easy light workouts.

So first off it is the treadmill. When I would visit the gym and I would go 3 to 4 days a week this was my favorite equipment and you could put it on marathon mode to help with fitness and running long distance on road too. At the time was training for the Great North run and there many different modes dependent how big it is. So hill running, speed sprinting and on basic mode where you just use it flat but use it for mainly building up your fitness.

Treadmill Stock Photos & Royalty-Free Images | Depositphotos

Crosstrainers are good aswell I would start off just doing 5 minutes and then build up as I continued to use these machines and the step machines too. I would in the end use these machines for longer, but build it up, don’t go straight in doing half hour, you have to get your body use to it.

Cross trainer Stock Photos & Royalty-Free Images | Depositphotos

Rowing machine are a good all body exercise machine and one I would start off doing 5 to 10 minutes and helps with toning and muscle strength. Then you have the chest press and pull down machines which is for weight training and toning and do as many reps as you can or sets but again build slowly.

Rowing machine Stock Photos & Royalty-Free Images | Depositphotos

When it comes to using these items mentioned it is good to have a lesson on using them and help make you use them safely. So if you can have an injunction or do personal training then I would advise on that first before using.

The light exercise you can do at home is lateral raises on the arms and legs using weights. I have a set of wrist and ankle weights and I love them. I work on my obliques by doing tilted exercise both sides and then do bicep curls, pull downs and leg arm and leg raises.

1,635 Side Tilt Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from Dreamstime

Cause I walk I like to do some resistance training, so pushing against a walk to stretch for 30 seconds and work on balance by doing this training too.

Find out what you enjoy and what you are going to benefit from, and secondly what is cost effective.

So, I hope that has helped you and please ask any fitness questions you have. You can leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Boost your fitness by cutting it down

Hello and welcome! So I am back with a new fitness blog talking about Boost your fitness by cutting it down, because that is exactly what I have been doing. I now do 6 exercises in the morning and doing so after my first cup of tea and breakfast.

This means having a small amount for breakfast, but I am no good at training and exercising when I have an empty stomach, and fasted since my dinner the night before.

For those who have read these blogs you will see I have tried a variety of ways to keep fit, but for it is how and what I feel like doing. I do a lot of walking still but do like to doing homeworkouts and so now I will put on a Youtube video and do 6 to 7 as I do lose count, but I get it done and feel fantastic afterwards.

729 Young Girl Exercising Her Room Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock  Photos from Dreamstime

I use a selection of things, my exercise mat, my dumbbells and me, by doing resistance training, working the obliques, my arms, bum and legs.

Breaking it up really works for me and is a great way to do a workout in my own time and not rushed but make each move laid back and feel the benefits, like more alive, productive and relaxed.

I can be pretty restless some mornings to get bits done, but I do it and honestly just pick 6 to 7 exercises you love and do them.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Sports Coaching: the best way to coach

If you have never coached a sport but played it, it is very different to playing as you do have to plan ahead and not just turn up. You have to make it so all your partipants who you are coaching know what you want them to do.

837 Woman Soccer Coach Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

For me doing my football coaching badges that the FA put together weren’t really realistic to coach different levels, and I not adaptable, even though that was the aim but looking back, it is how you approach your players and not use sporting gardgen when coaching.

I found this to be confusing to the girls and boys I coached and talk to them so they could understand when I wanted them to practice passing and have time get confident with the ball.

Confidence is the main thing, along with fitness and so focus on those two things first. Start Basic and make it tougher for each session but brief if they are starting from 4 years old.

When it comes to skill you get this when your team keep practicing in training sessions and so keep doing 1 to 1 Drills, so having all the players to have the ball, and getting the feel of doing ball work and you build this up as they play.

For each session you should never make them too long and for up to 2 hours worth and the older the player the more difficult and intense training you make it. Have a break in between for them to hydrate, and make sure they bring water with them.

Kids don’t always feel the cold but when make sure when doing training through the Autumn and Winter that they do bring a jacket as their bodies cool down quicker and will feel the cold after. Always have spares of Goal keeper gloves, a dust pan and brush and nominate a parent to help you if it is kids you are coaching to pick up any dog mess.

Have spares of Goalkeeper gloves, bibs and cones, and for kids which i do agree with the FA, to be brighter the younger the child, and make sure you let the parents know of what to bring and need as they train and play matches in the football season.

If they want to play with a winter hat on, fine and when off the pitch have them wear a bib to differentinate them being subs to being on the pitch playing.

Time keeping in crucial and if you have a player late, then fine but if this happens each session and match, then give them a warning as if you don’t have enough players you will often have to forefit a match.

So I you find these good tips and good luck.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Get kids involved in fitness during the summer holidays

Teaching kids fitness is something that you can get your whole family involved in and when Henry has seen me exercise he has copied. For kids they see it as a fun new activity and will follow.

18,612 Mother Child Exercise Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

It has been proven that if kids learn as a kid they will continue to exercise when they are older and become adults.

It can be as simple bike ride, going swimming and saw a load of adults in the park playing rounders and so if you get active so will they.

I used to love going camping and we would play such games and I do miss it a lot. I love spending time do physical activities with my son and it can be tiring but honestly has helped me with my fitness immensley.

When I was running to get fit I would run along by the river I would see kids riding their bikes whilst the parents were running and there is so much to see along the river and for me it brings me peace and tranquilty that I make it a must to walk now. I would like to run again, but get back into it slowly and when I have more time to run.

I love walking just the same but I did enjoy running and being near the river and would reward myself afterwards by sitting having a bite to eat and drink afterwards and when the sun is out why not?

Using the river front as a route to your running or walking encourages I find to keep it up and love the parks too.

So lets stop excuses and get fit, and remember to #staysafe and #staystrong.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Using sport to get fit and active

If you don’t like running and walking too far as you may find it boring, why not try out a sport, to help keep you fit.

888 Adults Playing Football Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

As a kid I played a lot of football at Primary school and loved it, but then at secondary school was said I couldn’t even kick the ball it put me off and so i didn’t return.

I do regret that now, as it took my mind off that I was at school and would often play during my break times.

If you have kid who wants to play football then get them into a team or enjoy a sports club at school, or why to create your own team so you can get fit at the sametime.

I love sport now and I am glad to have earned my coaching badge so I can do more coaching if I wanted to, as it can help you stay fit and also earn what you want to eat.

It is so good to get out again and did my first bit of walking two days ago, that I can’t wait to do more. Was you do take up a sport continue growing and you may find that it can move you in other aspects of fitness. You find in football for example or hockey that you do have to be quick on your feet, and ready to the puck into the next.

I am so looking forward to venturing outdoors and do some walking which is one of my loves and favourite things. Balancing exercises for football or hockey is vital and you probably will have muscle you never knew you had.

So go for it and stay fit and enjoy the love of taking part in a sport meeting with other people who are playing sport to level and you never know you could be top goalscorer.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Totally Wonderful and a Spectacular Game

Even though I am changing this site to another platform I feel I need to write this before I move to a new Platform, but it seems that Sport especially football has been affected due to Lockdown and that I want to remember it not for the badness but for the good and football was a wonderful game and yes a massive change is about to commence and yes I am very sad because of it.

I fell in love with the game long before I had realised and when I realised it, it was like an open door that I never wanted shut because I began to see it for what it was. It took people out of their normal lives to see fello supporters, have a drink in the pubs beforehand and then cheer their hearts out and it helped football be a phomenon out of all the sports and became a world of its own, and I am so glad now 32 years later that I have those memories in my heart forever.

If football becomes no more than thats remember the heros and enemies of the game that made it entertaining and a time of loving a sport that took over the world and created stars that will go on longer than the game itself.

Black White Portrait Old Football On Stock Photo (Edit Now) 184457252

I bet many who when they first heard the song All I want for Christmas is you, by Mariah Carey people thought of Boxing day football for their team to win and to get Promotion, win the Premiership and FA Cup, and my favourte day of the Year which took over Christmas for me at one time. FA Cup Final day, and being at one of those it was one I will never forget.

I took a photograph of Middlesborough fans when an amazing goal of that match was scored, but now I have that memory to treasure. I know many things changed due to a horrific disaster back in 1989 and it has taken a lot of time for me to get over, but it never destroyed my love of the game, and I am so glad I put together Scrapbooks of pictures from newspapers my Nan would keep for me and endless clips from Football Magazines and if you have done then same take them out and have a look in them and that even though it may no longer be those scrapbooks will last a life time and will capture the game for what is was, Totally Wonderful and at times Spectacular.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Fitness Update/Sports and Fitness Video/Indoor workouts/the gym and Military fitness

Hello! So it is Monday and I have a new video to share about my Fitness and even though I hadn’t done a workout in the week after I filmed this video below I did do a late night workout and really enjoyed it. I will film one of my routines soon, I just need find a way to film it, as it is a bit tricky at the minute.

However in this video I talk about Indoor DVD workouts as there are loads available from Amazon.com which are 10 to 30 minute workouts and which ones I found to be tricky to follow.

I discuss about using a gym and how it is a great to start your fitness change in your life and about Military Fitness.

So I am going to try and fit another blog on this site this week, as there is loads I want to share on this site and talk more about my fitness and what I would recommend.

Please check out a new programme and site I have joined and that is Davina ownyourgoals.com there is a special free trial for NHS staff so when you go onto the site click at the top of the page NHS staff and then you can register and join the site having a special 30 day trial offer, to use the fitness platform.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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Fitness update/How I like to get back into it.

Hello and welcome! So yesterday I went for a walk as part of my fitness regieme this year and I have created a Youtube video where I share How I like to get back into exercise when I haven’t done any exercise for few weeks.

I like to blend myself into it and I did manage an indoor workout too last week and going to do the same this week. It for me is about what I want to get out of it and it gives me energy and wellbeing, but not doing too much too soon.

Fitness isn’t about numbers but about having time to look after yourself and working slowly in each exercise,, not Rushing and getting the full benefits.

Many thanks for reading and looks like we may be able to go and watch some football soon. Oh How I wish it to be true.

Carrie L.M X

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First Youtube Video for this site/Stress/Benefits/Invest in

Hello, Hello! So this week I thought I would do my long awaited Youtube video for this site, and in this video I talk about being run down and what to do when Stressed when it comes to exercise. The Benefits of exercise and I wrote a list of Benefits I get in my Mrs Hinch Activity Book and what I like to invest in.

Exercise is something I have become disciplined about and I love to walk, so on days where I don’t feel like lifting weights then I will walk.

It doesn’t have to be hardwork but what makes you exhale and feel a piece with.

Please let me know if there is something you’d like me to share about exercise and sport.

Many thanks for visiting and see you again soon,

Carrie L.M X

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My Fitness 2021/Quick Tips To Get Fit At hardly any Cost At All

Free Fitness and Exercise Clipart - Clip Art Pictures - Graphics -  Illustrations

Hello and welcome to another blogpost on my site Sport and Fitness Coaching. In this post I am sharing some quick tips to get fit and with hardly any cost at all:

  • Always have your near you and wear it as soon as you get up
  • Never have a full meal before doing any training
  • See it as exercise but as ritual and time for yourself as you are more than likely stick to it
  • If you don’t have a set of dumbbells then you can use two filled water bottles
  • Use your stairs to do step ups, alternating each foot to go up first and then back down on the opposite leg and then switch
  • Do press ups and crunches, Great for toning the arms and your abs, and no equipment required, but if you did want to pick up an exercise mat, then check stores out like TK Maxx or on Amazon or use a towel
  • I often do lunges, and you can do this forward or back or to the side
  • Walk everyday as even if you take a leisurely stroll it is still cardio and gets you out of the house
  • Dance around your house. If you don’t fancy doing lunges or squats, then put on some tunes and dance away
  • If you have a WII then why not put on the boxing game as this is great to tone the arms
  • As talked and recommended before why not do a workout on Youtube as there is a load to choose from
  • Sign up to Davina McCall which I have done this year, called Davina Own Your Girl and have a special offer at the moment of paying £49 for a whole year, and she has load of workouts you can do and even ones that other people have created and keep track of your workouts you do
  • If you are a personal trainer why not take the splunge and do a workout on Youtube for your clients to follow
  • The other thing you can do that won’t cost you anything is by doing Housework. I did this yesterday to clean up my room and I was surprised of how much of a sweat I had done. Vacuuming can still exercise the arms aswell and wiping and cleaning
  • Put on your favourite TV programme and workout whilst watching it

Exercise is about getting up and being active so do what you would like to do and do it for yourself and set yourself goals and keep up with following some positive habits each day and it can really change how you feel about yourself and your life.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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New Year and New Fitness goals for 2021

So this time of year I like to plan for the year ahead and setting New Fitness goals for 2021, and so I will begin my fitness again on Christmas day.

I like to be disciplined in this area, but I like to take a break from it aswell. I like to workout again as from Christmas Day onwards, and then carry it on until the new year up to say October to concentrate on the busy period of my life between November through to December.

How to get fit – without breaking the bank | Fitness | The Guardian
Image from: https://i.guim.co.uk/img/media/377aad8c938b1bbdbb38aa0131a4148c9e348285/546_863_6647_3989/master/6647.jpg?width=1200&height=900&quality=85&auto=format&fit=crop&s=486aba542f45d62f2cbaae93e84423da

My one goal in terms of fitness for 2021 is to up my walking again, as it just helps clear my head and stops me from being a recluse.

I would love to work with the wonderful Davina McCall, watch this space. I really want to do a boxercise class, and go to the gym twice a week and do some working out with my new man, Lee. You know who you are and get myself a skipping rope to skip on some days.

Davina McCall has her own site now dedicated to fitness as her DVD’s are brilliant and has many different ones, and have been bestsellers in terms of fitness DVD’s and I hope I do get the chance to work with her, it would be a dream come true.

Her site is called:


I have just signed up to do the 14 day trial and then it is £9.99 to do a months trial, but you can sign up to do a whole 6 months, which is £39.99 or for 12 months at £59.99.

You set your own goal and there are many different workouts you can do, and gives you a plan to start you off.

I have decided to do the Power Box and Tone workouts to begin as this a form of boxercise and then do a Workout from Youtube aswell.

Getting fit is how you make it, and you can do low or high intensity but just make sure you train safely and that you drink plenty of fluids and before you have had a heavy meal, as you don’t want to get cramps during your workouts.

I will let you know of my progress and help you too, to get fit and healthy and not worried about putting on the pounds at Christmas, just enjoy.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Trying to get back into fitness after having false stop

Hello and welcome!

So it is coming up to the end of another year, and I did keep up with my fitness for part of this year, but it did hit a false stop. I am still walking, but not doing as much as I know I can do. A little bit still goes a long way. I do want to get back to training regularly but it is difficult to get back into it, once you have taken a break.

I would love to run again as it is good for the body, and helps with your stamina. I really would like to do a boxing workout, however, I have lost my confidence a lot.

It has taken a huge knock and that can happen, when there are those that want to demolish you, for everything you do.

I will be hitting back soon, so watch this space and is a warning.

Fitness And Gym Motivation Quote Stock Image - Image of sports, minds:  119934709

So when I have these moments, I will pull myself in, take some time out and then slowly get back into it, making gradual steps to continue on. When I feel stressed though I will walk for miles and it really helps with controlling my stress and anger that I have felt a lot this year, with many things that has happened.

To say this is has been the longest one so far of this decade is a understatement, and I had to go on an anti-depressive, Quetiapine. This like other medications does have side effects, such as a Dry mouth, stomach upsets and constipation.

These medications should not be taken lightly, and hope I can come off them at some point.

However, fitness can really be a way of helping the body destress and it can help the mind, and cardio is the best form of exercise as it really ups the heartrate.

My dad always did a lot of walking, and I am so like him that I can walk anywhere and a long way. I really want to do another fundraising event, as I love them. they are great to meet like minded people, and I love using fitness to make a difference.

So do what you can and never feel pressure to do any fitness but if it does make you feel good then yeah, you know it will benefit you, and does help you to wake up. Chilling is okay but it can make you more tired when sitting down all day.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Why Women Won’t Make It Into English Football And There Are Still Loads Who Still See It as A Mans Game

Women's Association Football Team Sport, PNG, 638x1026px, Watercolor,  Cartoon, Flower, Frame, Heart Download Free

When I became a football fan, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and that was to be a Football Coach not a player, but I did play football at school to gain experience and to help me towards that ambition.

I did later in my life, at Adult age, do my first coaching badge and started to do level 2, but because of my self doubt pulled out, as I felt like I had jumped too far forward, and was out of my depth.

Even my mum said “You’ll never make it as a football coaching, because there is too much competition, and would be overshadowed by men who are coaches”.

Did I want to prove her wrong?

Yes! and I did. No I never made it to professional level, but ran a kids football team, first of all girls and then boys and all the boys I have coached are now all in First Team Football. I know I will once again not be believed by some people, but yes it is true.

I am so proud of that, because that is exactly what I wanted to get out of the game, and I have and am so proud of those little lads I call them, and have set an example to other youngsters who want to get in the game too.

Talking about Sexism

To be honest the jabs that I have received as a female coach, isn’t anything that I hadn’t heard before, and would just take it, not taking it seriously and I bet those women who are in the game still, would say the same.

Never allow it to stop you, and the Women’s World Cup Last year was brilliant and has put it on the map, like never before, because in all the years I have followed Chelsea, they held a few of the Chelsea Ladies matches at Stamford Bridge (Chelsea Football Club).

I was given the opportunity to train with the Fulham Ladies, as my brother at the time was going out with a girl named Karen, who’s sister played for England, and was seeing the head coach and asked if I could go along.

I did, but because of my lack of confidence I didn’t continue. However when I left school back in 1996, after staying on to 6th form, at my Secondary school, I still wanted to be involved in the game, and wrote to all the clubs in London, and there was no internet then, so got the addresses via the telephone book (Yellow pages) and got a job as a Steward at Fulham Football club, and I loved it.

Female football players training on the field | Royalty free photo - 528688

Did I experience Sexism then?

No! None at all.

However, from when I was a coach, I soon realised that it is still there, and often one of the parents including some mums, would make a sexist comment towards me.

So it is most definitely is still there and there is still a stigma attached to women in football, and I think the men’s game will struggle too, because of the Lockdown, and will effect Women still getting involved in the game, and I fear that it will always be the same.

209 Football Woman Medical Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

Has it changed in some way?

Yes! However, it will never kick it completely out, Sexism, and lots of the men in men’s football is still dominated by men, and I don’t see any change in that.

I did dream of running a team at professional level, but to honest, going on the change in the sport, I don’t see it happening, but I do love Youth Football and once fans can go back in to the grounds I will definitely get a ticket to see some of my little lads, and cheer them on.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Building Confidence Through Fitness

How to get fit for free | Symply Too Good To Be True
Please check out site this image is from as it is information on how to get fit for free https://www.symplytoogood.com.au/blog/how-to-get-fit-for-free/

When I was going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, I was buzzing with endorphins and for once began to feel confidence that I had never felt before.

I was going to David Lloyd’s gym in Kingston and would workout on the treadmill, the step machine and then do weights, to finish off doing floor work.

I would often walk from my work in Kingston to Epsom, and that is no lie.

I did the same when I lived in Wimbledon, walk from work in Kingston to Wimbledon, especially during the summer.

Since then though, my confidence now in 2020 , has taken a knock, but I am back walking again and is one of the best forms of exercise and I know I keep saying this, but it is true, and I want to get back to the girl that was full of adrenaline when working out regularly as written above and be disciplined about it too. To have my self confidence back.

Building Confidence through fitness is anything that makes you, jump out of bed each morning, and be something you look forward to, and not feel like a chore.

It can help you to look at yourself in the mirror, which I can find hard to do at times, and does help you not feel guilty, like I used to do a lot, when eating food.

I never want t be the girl who had an eaten disorder at one time, ever again. I just want to be healthy and full of life again.

I have set myself a goal for next year, and that is to keep getting fit by walking and using my weights indoors.

I don’t make resolutions anymore, but life changes instead and by seeing it that way, has helped me carry on, even if some time through the year I take a break to then begin again.

I find doing it gradually keeping a log and a journal helps you, as often we may not see a progress at first, until we can look back to see, how far you have come.

So lets get together and help each other on the way, for never ending confidence coming our way.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

P.S: I am raising money for the charity Tommy’s who support and raise awareness of Stillbirths and Premature births, and have created this on my JustGiving page and so if you would like to make a contribution, then please follow this link below:


Here is a video showing what other topics I blog about on my other sites, so check out my Youtube video, below and all posts can be found at Carries Blog Network:

The other thing I am doing this year, I have teamed up with Amazon, showing their Christmas Goods for 2020, and so, here is one showing some of their Top of the range, Advent Calendars:

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Why Getting Fit Should be at the top of your list

Get fit with these 11 exercise classes to try out across south London this  winter - for FREE | Your Local Guardian
Image from https://www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/news/14954728.get-fit-with-these-11-exercise-classes-to-try-out-across-south-london-this-winter-for-free/

So to make it easy for myself, as soon as I see getting fit as a chore I instantly change my mindset on the one item that keeps me in shape that I don’t see as a chore.

One of my goals this year was to keep walking so I could do running again, but because my metabolism has been up and down, it has not always been possible, but just doing a little bit each day is still something and when I have a full amount of energy again, I will then continue and do more.

The reason why getting fit should be at the top of your list, is because there are so many benefits, but find what you enjoy first and how you can work it around your lifestyle and make it fun.

Even dancing in your living room is still exercise whilst doing chores and errands, like hoovering, mopping, wiping down surfaces and putting out the rubbish. It still adds up and now I have health app that measures my steps I do each week, has really made a difference to my wellbeing and gives me momentum to keep doing exercise.

Will I be setting myself Fitness goals in 2021?

Yes, it is going to be in my goals under the heading Play, as when you see fitness as a positive habit or a ritual, the likelier you will do it, and keep tabs on your progress, which adds to your adrenaline to keep going.

Getting fit was a Life change and that is how I set goals. I ask myself, What life change can I add this year, that will benefit me and allow me to, to continue to grow?

A resolution is something you wish to change just for the new year, but a life change helps you keep with it forever.

Don’t add too much, as quality is better than quantity and you can add other workouts as you gradually progress.

Fitness isn’t always a competition, but a challenge that you can continue to grow as you begin to get fitter and can spear on others around you, to do the same.

When I was taking part in fundraising events, many people at my work wanted to join me, and it was great.

So adding fitness to your lifestyle is easier than it often appears to be. It doesn’t have to be hard work, but makes you look forward to getting up each day, and once you begin it can become addictive.

So lets get fit and ready for another year, so we can continue to set our yearly fitness goals and ready for action.

Whilst I just finished writing this blog I have set my new goals for 2021 ready and I love them, and yes do the same honestly, it just gives you a buzz that continues to grow as you carry on setting goals.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Continuing My Fitness Regime for 2020 to take me into 2021

Walking for health - NHS
Image from the NHS

The Best Source of medicine is allowing the fresh air go through you and not having a care, whilst doing so.

Quote by Author of blog.

So today I was very angry, it started of as a good day, as I did a bit of work, writing my Newsletter blog (see link below):


But then I tried to buy some items in Marks and Spencers and what happened I checked to see if I had enough on my bank card and was trying to pay for items purchased by the change I had and then the rest by card. It wouldn’t work for me.

So I gave up got my money back that I had already paid in and went into Tescos, but I was fuming as my bank accounts keep getting hacked into and yes, there comes a point in which you want to hit someone or yell.

When I am angry I walk it off, and it does me wonders and that is exactly what I did today. I walked up Wimbledon Hill, which is steep but because I was so revved up that I just needed to walk and without realising I was near the top, but then as luck would have it, I began to bleed. Yes my menstrual cycle so I stopped, sat down to help stop this and then wrote in my personal journal, which I also like to do when out and something is bothering me and then continued on to walk passed Wimbledon Tennis Court, through Wimbledon park.

I did just that. Walking has always been a form of exercise I have loved as it just good to walk the pavements and park ways, letting the fresh air go through my lungs, and afterwards, as I completed 14,000 steps felt so much better.

So if you aren’t into running but want a form of cardio then get walking and before you know it, as it can become addictive you would have already walked about 5km or miles, without thinking about it.

Continuing on my fitness regime for 2020 to carry onto 2021 was to do more walking again and long distances aswell as short walks each week, and I have been losing weight, as I have continued on and I don’t have lunch which has helped me, and have a full hearty breakfast, which today was Porridge with Golden Syrup, a snack when sitting in South Park Gardens, of some Toblerone and my dinner. So I will post again next week. Please tell me what form of exercise do you like doing that helps clear anger out of system, I would love to hear from you, and please no violent ways, but what fitness exercise helps you. You can leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Getting fit and looking after yourself in the winter

Winter Running Woman In Snow Stock Photo - Image of nature, outdoor:  26939638

I love writing these types of blogs and as I write that sentence I realised I have just wrote the same for my other two posts I did today. If you wanna check these out then follow the links below:



However it is true. I love keeping active even if it is a walk around the shops, which many people don’t see it as exercise, but it is and still a form of cardio.

As a child who has had a hole in my heart since I was born, the doctor who I saw at Brompton hospital, said that is up to me now to look after my heart, and having been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two years ago, really was my worse news that I could have received. It was bought on by a psychosis medication, as I was in a very bad way, and so was taken off that medication and was suicidal at the time too, which I don’t mind talking about as I know I am not on my own in feeling this way.

I was put on a different medication, and in my opinion these medications do not work, because when I was moved onto aripiprazole, it made me more anxious then I already was, had terrible anxiety and felt lethargic just like I did on Olanzapine which was my psychosis medication I was moved off from.

Keeping fit during the winter, do wear layers and a good investment is a running vest, which can be worn for walking aswell as running, and then you don’t have to put on too many layers, as once you begin walking or running you’ll be surprised of how much you still sweat.

You can also get specialised bottoms too, and underwear.

Winter Running bottoms from Amazon, and there are many in different styles, colours and sizes.

If you go out when it is dark, make sure you put on visual clothing so you are seen when running across roads and to cyclists too. The amount of times I have seen someone cycling wearing all black clothes when it is dark, and this is so dangerous, when cycling in parks, where also pedestrians will be walking and on roads.

I know some don’t because they think it makes them look silly, but honestly they are made to keep your safe and if you get knocked off, then who’s silly?

I recently purchased some new walking footwear, which are these and I am going to do a Amazon haul soon to feature these, and will be on my blog site Carries Everyday Living.

You want footwear that is well fitted, and if you are willing to have running trainers or walking shoes made to measure and personalised to you, then you can, but you can often tell instantly when you put on a trainer or shoe if they are going to hurt, and do the thumb method to check if they are going to let your feet breath, by putting a thumb between your foot in the trainer at the top where the tongue of the shoes is Then do the same at the back of your foot with your foot in the trainer, and if your thumb fits in both areas, then it is a well fitted walking and running shoe for you.

I always like to wear a fleece but check at the back on the colour as some can rub at the back of your neck. I also like to invest in a good bright coloured jacket too, and woolly that.

Running Waterproof jacket with zips rom amazon.

When buying a running jacket the one thing I like it to have is zipped up pockets, to keep my mobile phone in, a small bit of change and house keys. I do like to have a bumbag, but only when I travel into London to do a walk or run.

29 Motivational Workout Quotes | Reach Fitness Goals | Openfit

So lets get fit, stay safe by making ourselves seen when training out doors and enjoy.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Why sports will be effected by another lockdown.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This year has been very different to our usual years. No Olympics, no Wimbledon tennis, no crowds at football and I see the lockdown is gonna hit sports team in a way that it hasn’t before.


There are no spectators and that is money that sports clubs rely on a lot, because they don’t just buy a ticket, they will buy food aswell along with merchandise. Plus yes what I like to do is purchase a programme as to me that is memorabilia and alcohol.

Will it Get better?

I am not sure but I do see rugby, football, hockey, tennis, athletics and more, going under as there is no advertising of sponsors either and that will have a massive impact.

Okay on their shirts but if football for example stops again, then what? Who is gonna bale clubs out?

I am worried being a sports fan and hope things do get better but I have also discovered that there are other things going on in sports too. Yes bullying, sexual harrasement and child abuse.


A kid looks up at professional sportsmen and women so why destroy that ?

You should be proud of the role you play within sport. Not just those that take part, but the whole thing.

I do see sports clubs needing extra money from somewhere, and be doing catch up trying get back the money they have lost.

This also means youth teams being effected and being stopped altogether sadly because of money and yes other issues. Supporters live and die for their clubs they support and I was one of those too.

So let’s see what happens and what changes will occur. I do pray that it will go back to normal but who knows. Life is unpredictable at times including the sporting world too.

Have a great day.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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How to deal with setbacks in your exercise routine

The No BS Guide to Building Lean Muscle

So this week I have had a set back, because of my Menstrual cycle, as it does effect me a lot when keeping up with my exercise, check a post I did in relation to this:

Training through your Menstrual Cycle

So how to deal with setbacks in your in your exercise routine?

  1. Take a break if you need to for that week, and then make a plan to get back into it again the week after once you have more energy.
  2. Do short spurts of exercise rather than long periods of time, and just up the intensity so you still break out into a sweat.
  3. Try pilates or yoga, that involves training laying down on an exercise mat. You will be surprised of how these two forms of exercise can still help to tone your body.
  4. Be flexible with your exercise. So don’t set your routine in stone, as there will be events that can throw the plan out of the window, but schedule your training as the weeks again arrives, as like myself who has a son, things can crop up that effect my training, so being flexible so you plan your exercise on other days, where initially you hadn’t planned to do any training.
  5. Create a playlist that can give you a boost of energy to do some exercise. I always create playlists using Youtube and it is great as you can add to them as you wish to, without spending a dime in doing so.
  6. Try meditation, as this can really help get in touch with your body and your breathing, if you don’t feel like exercising.
  7. Always reward yourself when you have completed an exercise session, as this can really build up your energy to continue.
  8. Try setting yourself a 30 day challenge, check out this video which has details of how to do that.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwGpLXmAls4
  9. Check out Pinterest on workout ideas that you can do quickly rather than a long training session: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/3448137203951754/?nic_v2=1a204riDs
  10. Remember exercise is about enjoyment and can be done at a slow path rather than quick one, so just do what your body feels like doing and pick it up once you have more energy.

So if you have any tips on what to do when you have setbacks when exercising, then please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Looking after your health

19 Workout Picture Library Walking Fitness Huge Freebie - Exercise ...

Since the Pandemic struck I think we have all been thinking about our health a lot more and kept ourselves safe from the Coronovirus and done self isolation.

Getting fit in these times can be tricky as there still aren’t many gyms open and you may feel a little self conscious about training outdoors or at home if you have flatmates.

This is why I like walking because it is effortless and can do as much as you like, when you like and has really helped me build my fitness once again. Looking after your health is the key. Nevermind losing weight, think about your health.

Never try to do too much too soon and build your fitness gradually. This honestly is the best way to go, and keep note of what exercise you are doing, as it helps monitor your progress and helps give you energy to keep going.

This week I have struggled because of my menstrual cycle and I wrote a blog about Training during your Menstrual Cycle and so I have had to do short amount of walking this week because as soon as I do any movement, sorry if this is TMI, but I know I am not the only one, I bleed quite heavily.

Yesterday I did a quick 10 minute workout on Youtube that I have often used, check it out:

10:21 / 10:30

Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit

I really love these sorts of workouts.

Every bit counts so just do your best and write your fitness goals, including how you wish you health would improve. My enemy at the moment is sugar and so I don’t take sugar in hot drinks anymore, I have been drinking more water and have tried foods which are gluten and dairy free, to see if this helps.

Anyway, lets just keep going and trying to do our best to stay fit and look after our health.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Walking or running in different weathers

Proper Running Form | How to Run

Walking has become my favourite thing again and really helps me keep fit. As far as I am concerned walking is the easiest thing to do, but if you want to crack it up a notch then start adding some running.

I don’t want to think about my running days to be over, because I still would like to get back to that level of fitness. There was a time where I would run endlessly for ages without needing to stop and up until last year I was starting to get back to that, but then I hit a knock in the road, so to speak and stopped again.

Walking or running in different weathers can have an effect on your training, because when training when it is super hot, you can fatigue a lot quicker and dehydrate. When running in cold weathers it can be a lot harder to get going, because when it super cold you can feel like staying in bed and indoors, rather than pounding the pavements.

So to overcome the different weathers I would when it super hot, train when it is cooler, so in the mornings or the evenings. and when it super cold, get yourself warmed indoors first before going outdoors, and try training in the day time where it will tend to be warmer.

I remember a couple of summers a go when I was really getting into my running going out of the house to do a run at about 4am in the morning, and I loved it, because it was nice a cool and no one was around, and I felt I had the pavements and park to myself, of course this was when it would be light early.

I do see runners running when it is super hot and that is ok if your body is used to it, but if it isn’t then my advice is to work towards doing this slowly if you are new to running, when walking it can still be hard work too when it is super hot, but not over bearing and I like walking when the sun it shining. I just make sure that I walk some of the time if I can in the shade so it doesn’t get to hard.

In the winter the best time to run or walk is during the day as it is often the warmest time and you do have to be careful when the pavements and parks get frosty, because of slipping. Take extra care when running in snow and get grips put on your trainers, that can help, and don’t over do it with the layering as you can still warm up very quickly and make sure you are wearing running and walking thermal vests to help keep you warm enough.

In the winter take a jacket or even tin foil with you, because when your body starts to cool down you can start to feel the cold, and make sure you stretch and cool down properly afterwards, because from experience your body can stiffen.

The temperature yesterday when walking through one of my favourite parks Battersea Park, it was just the right temperature, as it was still warm but not too much so I could walk with light clothing on and still be warm, but cooler.

Anyway, I wish you all a good Sunday and I will be back with another blog as of Thursday.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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Training during your Menstrual cycle

Free Images Of Exercise, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...Sometimes being on my period, and I don’t mind talking about this because let’s face it, as women we all get it at some point, so why not talk about it because if you are like me, I can on some days be heavy (I mean losing a lot of blood) it can really have an effect on my weekly exercise.

To work around your period always mark it down so you can sort your exercise in your schedule around your most heavier days. If you find your bleeding a lot when running or walking, then perhaps do some light weight training, such as floor work. This is because from experience when I am laying down it controls the bleeding a lot more rather than standing, so I will do some leg raises, crunches that really help take your mind off the stomach cramps you can get during your period, and weight training, so you are toning the upper body.

Once you go back to have a lighter days then you can continue to do more cardio work, such as running or walking.

When doing a half or a full marathon, take some tampons, menstrual cup or sanitary towels with you, because in the passed when I have done these  types of events I have bled afterwards. I know by reading about this, there are some people who say that exercise can’t effect your period, and some say it does, well in my case it did.

I have never used Tampons or a menstrual cup, and have always used towels, but do what works for you and make sure you have them on you should you start to bleed, as you can get spotting.

Spotting is basically little specs of blood, but not a full period.

I have also found that when I am on my period my energy levels can be effected so when I feel like this, I will do some light or short walking, or rest until my energy levels increase again.

The other symptom I get when I am on my period is, even though I have showered, I can get really bad B.O armpits, and there is nothing worse, so what I will do is get some freshening wipes, take some travel size body spray and a roll on, so I can use these through out the day too prevent this.

Always listen to your body and never over do it, and do the best you can.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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What I take with me on walks

Example of what I carry in my bumbag when walking. You can’t see my phone as I am using it to take the picture but I hope this gives you some idea of what I take with me. 

It is really up to you what you take, it all depends on where you are walking (so if there are toilet facilities on the route and place to get refreshments) and how long for.

The things I would recommend you invest in are,

  • An over the shoulder bag or bumbag
  • A Rucksack, and I have recently bought a new one which has little pockets each side so I can put drinks either side of it.
  • Ice packs if you are carrying cold food that needs to be kept chilled and other drinks like cans and cartons of juice. Also if you get the bagged like ones you can use these for any sprains caused, and to help your feet to recover on a long distance walk
  • Suncream. Honestly even when it appears to be breezy, I would wear it, because you can still burn and can be deceiving. You don’t want to end up being sore and uncomfortable, and you do have to protect your skin for health reasons
  • Fully charged mobile just in case you are lost or have had an accident and need medical help
  • Debit/credit card and loose change, in case there are stores or a kiosk along the way, should you need to restock on drinks and snacks
  • An empty carrier bag or a foldable bag that can be folded down into a purse and then pulled out if you want to change your shoes, as you may decide to change in a pair of flip flops rather than trainers, but just make sure that they are just as comfortable. If it is uneven ground though I would advise to stick with your trainers

Before you plan to do a walk and what you will need, always check the weather beforehand. If there is risk of rain then you will need to pack a umbrella and waterproofs.

If you are on your period then take some Tampons, a menstrual cup or Sanitary Towels.

Should you be quite heavy on your period and you are worried about needing the toilet check before your walk where there are some in case you need to use them.

So lets get up and get going and have a great rest of Sunday until tomorrow when it is Monday once again.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Getting fit whilst the gyms are still closed

With the lockdown I think many of us have put on some weight, I know I have and so started a few weeks back now into getting back into shape and burning off the pounds.

Getting fit whilst the gyms are still closed is a easier than you think, and I have seen many people take advantage of being outdoors again and getting fit by cycling, running or walking and even skipping in the park or in their gardens.

You do not need from my experience a fancy pair of trainers, and you can pick up some good ones from stores such as Sainsbury’s, Amazon, Primark and Sports Direct.

I would invest in a bumbag or a good lightweight rucksack, especially if you do long distance running or walking, and you can safely take your personal belongings with you, making sure there are places along the way where you can grab a drink if you don’t want to carry one with you.

Take your Pilates mat in the garden and using exercises from a fitness magazine can be good or follow one on Youtube. There are loads of workouts on Youtube and I often will use them to help me keep fit.

Check out this one I always go back to and I enjoy:

If you have Sky then checkout the Fitness channel. I often used this channel to follow workouts when I had sky and the good thing about this is you can record them and save them in your Sky planner.

There are some great workout DVD’s from amazon, and see link below:


Check out Davina McCall’s workout DVD’s as they are brilliant and I always buy them when she brings out a new workout DVD each year, as they are really good and easy to follow.

Even if you don’t want to follow a workout on Youtube, the fitness channel or a DVD they are great way to get ideas and then develop your own workout, as I do a mixture of resistance, strength, pilates and yoga, and try to workout my whole body.

I of course if you haven’t seen my Instagram account (see below) do a lot of walking and try to do 20,000 or more a steps a week and so far have been reaching my target:


It is all about doing what you enjoy and moving around, but remember in the heat to wear sunscreen, have a hat so your head doesn’t get hot and drink plenty of liquids so you don’t get dehydrated.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

















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Having Rest days or when you just don’t have the energy

Fatigue Clip Art, Transparent PNG Clipart Images Free Download ...

Hello and welcome to a new Sports and Fitness coaching blog.

So this weekend because I felt somewhat whacked out, decided to have a rest day, because I did a lot of walking through the week and so feel a bit wiped out.

I am planning to do a bit of walking and training indoors today but I am also tempted to go back to bed and listen to some music.

Having rest days are important because you do have to allow your body to recover, but minimise them as with myself if I take more than two days off, I am likely to take the rest of the week off, so I discipline myself and allow myself a day where I can rest and recuperate, watch a bit of Youtube, do a wordsearch, play on my phone or  watch a film.

When you just don’t have the energy, then you can lack enthusiasm and if you really don’t want to do any exercise then don’t, but create a schedule to fit it into your life when you do have the energy again.

Create yourself a vision board to help gain motivation and listen to some motivational videos on Youtube, as there are some brilliant ones that really help boost your adrenaline to exercise, you just need to get into that mindset again, that makes you get up and do a workout.

As the one of the supermarket adverts say, “Every little helps” and it sure does.

So have that well earned rest and then when your ready get out there and get fit.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



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Fitness Hacks that will save you time and money

Exercise Clip Art - ClipartBarn

Hello and welcome to my blog site Sports and Fitness coaching.

Here are some fitness hacks that will save you time and money:

  1. If you don’t have a fitness mat, then use a bath towel instead. Just make sure you lay it flat and the floor you are going to use it on is clean and free of clutter
  2. Train barefoot. I often will indoors train barefoot, rather than training with socks or trainers on, as I find with wooden flooring particular there isn’t much of a grip but there is when training barefoot, and if you are going to a sandy beach and running then it is great to do a run barefoot, just be careful of rocks and clutter on the floor. Keep area clean to prevent any injuries from occurring
  3. Have mat, weights and exercise clothes already laid out, if your bedroom is big enough beside your bed or in living room, and get up and put your fitness clothes on straight away before you feel like not doing any and before you change your mind
  4. When going swimming already have your swimming costume on underneath your non swimming clothes so all you need to do is strip off, lock items in a locker and be ready to have a swim
  5. Buy a phone cover with a card holder inside. I love having this in my phone so when I do my walking outside I am not carrying too much and have all my cards with me, and sometimes have the odd bit of cash just in case the store I may go into afterwards doesn’t take card
  6. If you don’t have a pedometer then download a health APP on your phone, which is completely free and will measure your daily step count. You can also share it on your social media accounts to help keep track of the number of steps you do. I love mine and use it daily
  7. Download the 7 minute workout APP, I do like these APPs and have used it on all my phones I have had to help me exercise even if it is for 7 minutes it still counts
  8. Use google calendar to schedule your daily fitness training. I use google calendar all the time and its great because you can take it and check it wherever you go and again is completely free to use
  9. Take a skipping rope with you and skip in the garden, indoors or in the park. I often used to do this when I first began to keep fit, and I often see a bloke do this in my local park in Wimbledon and is a great way to stay fit and exercise your arms and legs
  10. Buy fitness clothes with zipped pockets as they are great for holding your phone and keys especially if you are a runner, and you can also take a little bit of money if you want to pick up a bottle of water on the way. I always look for zipped pockets on fitness clothes as they are a lifesaver

If you have any further tips then please do share below, and if you would like to read more of my blogs on this site then please follow me via WordPress.com, for updates.

When training outdoors remember suncream especially if training during the day when the weather can be extremely hot and stay hydrated at all times.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Alternative Ways to Keep fit

Girl getting fit

Hello and welcome to my new sports and fitness coaching blog post. So at the moment I am struggling due to my son being off now for the school holidays time to train indoors, where I will use my dumbbells to tone my arms, squats, leg raises to tone the bottom half of my body and obliques, so I have been using alternative ways to keep fit instead.

I have been doing this by carrying heavy bags of shopping, carrying my rucksack on my back making sure the weight is level and the straps are even on both sides, pushing a shopping trolley when taking my son to the shops, and you will be surprised how by just doing these little everyday things can help tone your body.

If you are not able to get hold of a set of dumbbells then use equally filled water bottles as weights, when you are in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil and I used to do this a lot, do multiple exercises with my arms, legs and abs, or whilst you are cooking a meal for your family.

Or whilst doing housework put on some tunes and use the opportunity to dance around your house whilst going round your home tidying up.

When walking around outdoors I have seen a lot of people doing weight training in the parks I have visited, and if you want to do an outdoor class then try out the military fitness classes or buggy fit. I have done both and totally recommend, as the classes aren’t long but boy do they make you sweat.

I have tried working out in the evenings, but because my son takes ages to get to sleep some evenings I have found it tricky to keep this going so instead I will try to do a long workout indoors tomorrow whilst my son is with his dad and make up for the time lost then.

However the one thing that has kept my fitness up is walking, and this I have found to be easier because having a child to look after can keep you on your toes and stay fit.

Anyway I will keep you up to date with my fitness regime for this year and give some tips and tricks on the way, but until then please enjoy the holidays the best you can and remember to stay safe as much as possible.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Stay safe whilst training in the summer

Summer Running Race In The Park, People Running Stock Photo ...

Hello and welcome to another blog. So the weather has been lovely over the last couple of weeks and days, and so you may be pacing those pavements whether it be walking or running, but sometimes we can over do it, causing us to be fatigued early or doing too much too soon.

This is how to stay safe whilst training in the summer,

  1. Always where breathable clothing because when it is hot outdoors we can tend to sweat a lot more, and if you aren’t wearing clothes appropriate for the heat you can experience blisters, rubbing of clothes and get cramps in your legs, toes and in your sides
  2. Warm up, stretch, main exercise, stretch and cool down
  3. Stay hydrated at all times, so drink some water or energy type drinks but not too many as they tend to have a lot of sugar in them
  4. Wear a baseball cap or a viser, that can protect you from the sun and not get too hot
  5. Train during the cooler hours, so in the mornings or evenings
  6. If walking far, never wear new trainers as they need to be broken into first and wear socks, suitable especially for running to avoid blisters, because they bloody hurt.
  7. Where sun cream, honestly it is amazing how quickly your skin can burn if not careful and is very sore
  8. Never train soon after having a heavy meal as this can cause you to feel sick or have stomach cramps
  9. Use well lit areas if training in the evenings and where clear bright colours so if you are crossing many roads you can be easily seen and definitely if you do cycling
  10. If cycling wear a helmet and protective gear, because however you may be careful on the roads there are still idiots out there that can knock you off, and I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

So enjoy your training and the sunshine and I will be posting again as of Sunday.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Discovering new routes

Yesterday I walked along the River Wandle near Wimbledon, in London and I was amazed that I haven’t known about this route before yesterday because it was so peaceful and relaxed even though I was walking at a fast pace.

I love  discovering new routes, and will definitely be one I do again.

We then came across a place where there were a few outdoor bars and could sit in the sunshine and have a drink, which we (my mum and I) did take advantage and had a lovely glass of Pimms and Lemonade, and then on the way back,  I went on bit further to complete my 10,000 towards South Park Gardens.

It is amazing how you can come across new routes as you keep walking. When I first lived in Wimbledon, I never knew that there was an actual park in Wimbledon. It was only by walking that I discovered it and is one of my favourite, and my son’s too.

I have often, not this year yet, but walked and run from Putney to Hammersmith Bridge and onwards, and is a lovely walk, and I do feel somewhat nostalgic when I do as it brings back memories from when I used to live in Hammersmith.

If you would like to know about my life being brought up in Hammersmith then check out my book called The Peabody Years, available via Amazon.com.  

My weekly goal if you haven’t read my blogs this year is to do 20,000 plus steps a week, and so far I have done that.

I use a Health APP that was already on my phone to use and I love it.

Walking from Surbiton to Kingston and visa versa is a good route  and if you carry on from Kingston to Hampton Wick, or the other way from Kingston to Richmond it is lovely and I am very much looking forward to doing that route at some point this year.

A great and popular route for many cyclists and runners, and they even do a Parkrun at the weekend if you like running and would like to do a Parkrun once a week.

The Southbank in London, is one of my ultimate favourite routes to walk and I have run along the Southbank aswell, and if you do go that route from Vauxhall, Westminster or from Waterloo up towards Tower Bridge you will come across the Borough Market. I love taking a trip up to there, especially in the summer and winter around Christmas time, because there are many stalls where you can have a glass of beer or cider, and there are stalls where you can have a hot winter cider or mulled wine. during the colder months of the year.

Then if you carry on then you will pass the HMS Belfast, which is great to check out, but you do have to pay to visit the HMS Belfast, and then from there you will reach of course Tower Bridge, where you can visit the Tower of London.

If you go up to the Southbank and get off at Waterloo Station, you will see the London Eye, Shrek Adventure, The London Aquarium and London Dungeons.

Of course in visiting these places make sure you check their websites for information, because of Social Distancing rules.

You can also do many boat trips up the thames which are great and can go all the way to Canary Wharf and back.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X



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Measuring my steps

Picture taken whilst out walking in London along the river thames

I am so glad to be back out walking outdoors exploring different places. Today I walked from Surbiton to Kingston, and then in my local area to pick up my son from School.

It is amazing how just doing the school run can build up my steps each day and running errands too. I have felt a little pain at the back of my legs but it does wear off after a bit and then I can walk in my comfortable stride, some more.

Walking can be done mostly everywhere and I love walking along the thames I find it so peaceful and calming. I plan to do a lot during the summer holidays as having a 6 year old to look after can burn off calories too.

The only area I have been struggling with doing, is training indoors, so going to spend some time before next week fitting in some good long training sessions at home to make up from the days I have missed.

When training indoors I do a mixture of strength training, to toning, cardio and some stretching.

It doesn’t have to be quick exercises, I like to take my time with each exercise to feel the fall force of it, rather than rushing.

Having some good music to listen to or a video is a good way of fitting in exercise, or even watching some TV whilst you do some.

Being someone who likes to walk a lot, working on my balance and stamina is a must and so I do tend to focus on these key things when I do my indoor training.

If you would like more details of my training then please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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The difference between walking and running


Hi everyone and it is another Sports and Fitness coaching blogpost and in today’s post I am writing about the difference between walking and running.

Now I have done both and what I love about walking is that you don’t have to where special gear to do it, and as long as the clothes are a comfortable fit, breathable and don’t rub when sweating, if you like me do a lot of walking, then it can be worn.

With running it is best to buy running bottoms and tops, because they are made especially for this activity and certain clothes like just a pair of leggins, in my experience can rub the more you sweat.

It is important when running you allow your body to breath and that means spending money on running shoes and clothes, where with walking as long as the shoes are comfy then again, they can be worn when walking with no problems.

I’m still not ready to run yet and today the back of my legs, which I have experience more when I have done some running, began to hurt whilst walking so this tells me that the walking I am doing is still benefiting me and I am still working those muscles without too much strain. When running it can cause a lot of strain, especially when running on concrete outdoors.

I am hoping that eventually with walking a lot again will end in me running again soon, but for the time being, if my body is not ready to run, then I will listen to it and keep on walking until I am physically able and ready to.

I will let you know how my fitness progresses as I get back into it, and what exercise I do.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Setting fitness goals

Getting fit can often be the last thing on our minds and something we start at the beginning of the year, but by February stop and then started again at the beginning of the next year.

When it comes to fitness you can begin at any time there are no real rules when getting fit, appart from learning the technique so we don’t pull a muscle or twist our ankles.

I now have begun to do walking again measuring my steps even if it is a little bit, I still record it because at the end of the day to me it is still exercise, and what I don’t do in the week I make up for when I have more time at the weekends.

Setting fitness goals are an essential part of getting fit, because then you have more chance of continuing especially when you start to see the results by doing so.

Check out my fitness goals below I have set for myself this year:

my fitness goals

Then I have created a training log using excel, where I will put the exercise I have done each day, adding a goal each time I train for the next session, so I make slow progression and don’t do too much in one go.

As you see I have not done a huge list, but the main areas I wish to work on.

I also put how many steps I have done and then add them up at the end of each week, so I can see how much I have done and what I can increase as I go, and I try to beat each week doing more steps per week to hopefully build up my fitness again.

I  also train with my weights and training mat to help me tone my body and to help with balance so I can soon begin to do some running again.

So lets work together in getting fit and remember it is about being healthy as much as it is to help maintain our body weight and size.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Walking fit/first walk in central london since lockdown

To say I am knackered now is an understatement. The things we do to look good, and the punishment we give ourselves when we haven’t done any kind of exercise at all, can be quite brutal.

If someone actually said to me what I say in my head they would get a massive thump, but yet we can be our own worse critic. 

28 Collection Of Funny Running Clipart - Fatigue Clip Art ...

Today I did another long walk, like I did last week up London, through Battersea Park up to the Power station, and back through Battersea Park towards Chelsea, and to Fulham Broadway.

Don’t get me wrong I know it is my choice and I don’t have to go for a walk, but when I don’t I will then criticise myself for not being the weight I want to be and then get frustrated because the image in the mirror is not what I want it to be.

Mirror clipart person, Mirror person Transparent FREE for download ...

Anyway I did complete my goal for the week, which is to complete up to 20,000 steps or more each week, and I am achieving it no matter how hard it is.

Please don’t think this is gloating I am just proving that if you set your mind to do such a goal then if I can do it, so can you.

As I have weekends free now as my sons dad looks after him on these days, I have time to myself to do some. However if you aren’t so lucky then get your kids to join you.

If they are anything like my son, they will be happy to be outdoors and I see a lot of kids running, walking or even cycling with their parents.

To help keep the momentum going I have started to do a Training log, to see what I have done and my progression, and I set myself a goal after each day I train.

Make it interesting by planning different routes as walking the same route each time can be boring, but however if you are like me have no sense of direction and can easily get lost then do plan your route so you know where you are heading.

moses-wandering-in-the-desert-8 | Christian Funny Pictures - A ...

Luckily I know my way around Fulham, Chelsea and Hammersmith, its a shame I no longer live there, any how comes in handy when I want to do my walking in these areas.

When I first lived in Epsom and Wimbledon I was forever getting lost that I had to call my mum who is really the worse person, as she has worse sense of direction then me, but I did and did manage to find my way back in the end.

Any how I am glad I have completed my walking for this week and now gonna chill for the rest of the day and make the most of my free time until tomorrow when it is start of another week.

Please let me know of where you walk if you live in London or surrey, I love recommendations, so please let me know. You can leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x




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Getting my fitness Mojo back

Library of people walking towards stock png files ▻▻▻ Clipart ...I am sitting at the computer at almost 10pm to write about getting my fitness mojo back, when all I can think about is how modern technology can be a complete arsehole.

It was so good to do some walking today even though it did rain on my first walk I did this morning, to the fact that I couldn’t wait to get back out there again.

I was going to do some running but I just can’t get into the mindset to do any yet, and feel that I am not ready to do any running again, so I have decided to make do with walking.

I needed to walk off the cobwebs from the day before, as it had been a very bad day, apart from when I got 5 minutes to myself and sat in the park whilst I drank my cold iced latte that was disgusting.

Twice yesterday my computer decided to crash and close itself down yesterday and just now whilst watching Not Going Out on Dave, the signal went.

I so wish that there was such things like magic rather than modern technology, because I just want to click my fingers and I wouldn’t have a pile of washing on the floor but was already washed and cleaned just by a click of the finger.

No point giving it the finger because that’s not going to clean the clothes to be washed is it so I have to make do with how things stand now and I just hope the washing machines washes the clothes with no disasters.

Swearing at modern technology however mad it sends you has no benefits as the only person to get wound up about it is you.

I am so glad I am not the woman who’s on everyone’s satnav otherwise I would be arch enemy number one, and getting sworn at on a daily basis.

I used to get such abuse when working in a call centre so god forbid what it be like to be that woman getting non stop abuse by people when all she is doing is giving directions.

Plus with my no sense of direction, I would send everyone around the bend so it is for safety reasons that I am not.

Anyway I am just glad that I don’t have my lovely 6 year old to contain with today and have some time to myself however much I love him. Parenting takes its toll too, and so today was a much better day, to the fact that I am looking forward to doing some more walking and fitness training tomorrow aswell.

It is good that I have got my energy back to do some training and I hope by doing so will help me lower my weight gain, as I am not happy with the way I look at the moment, so it is in great need to be taken care of once again.

I have battled with my weight for most of my life and I try not to let it get me down, but it does, so I hope by walking again and measuring my steps again will help make me feel good about myself again.

If you don’t want to know about how many steps I did today then look away now, but if you do want to know it was 11,382. Please don’t tell me to f’ off, and feel bad, it is just to prove that it can be done, just doing a bit a day can make all the difference.

Anyway I am going to work some more and then rest for the evening.

Please stay safe and many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Back at it and footballs back

turn a set back into a come back

Hello and welcome to another blog on my Sports and Fitness coaching blog. 

So I have since last Tuesday got back into my fitness training, and trying to do a bit each day, even if it is some walking outdoors.

I am doing a mixture of weights, leg workouts and obliques and it is good to be back at it again. Sometimes taking a break can help your body recuperate and when you do get back into it again, can make you be pleased to be back exercising again, as you see the benefits of it more.

I was going to do a run on Sunday but I left it to late, but in the end I just did some walking as I hadn’t slept well the night before, as was up most of the night, and you should never do any training if your body is not physically up to it.

Sometimes you have to listen to your body rather than forcing yourself to do some.

This weekend the football returned after being off for so long due to the Covid19 outbreak, and even though there are no crowds like before it is still good to see it back on our screens.

I bought myself some new gear for my training, which always gives me the energy to do some training, and bought a couple of tops from TK Maxx and were only £7.99 each, so a bargain if I may say so myself.

Here they are in the picture below.

I don’t like to spend over a tenner for fitness tops and often will buy second hand, but as the charity shops aren’t open at the moment, had a look in TKMaxx who often have some great low priced items along with Sports Direct or Amazon.

So lets see how I progress and I will keep you posted as I continue on getting back into my fitness during this Pandemic we are going through still.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Not working out

Hi and welcome to another sports and fitness coaching blog post.

So since I wrote my last fitness blog I haven’t really done any working out at all. I know it is so lazy but having such a short space of time it has not been possible, but once Henry does full days at school again it will be.

Is it good to take time off?

Sometimes I feel it is, because you do have to allow your body to recharge and be in the right mindset to do any, which I haven’t and I have only had short spells of time which I use to write my books and blogs.

I like to spend the afternoons with my son so we have that 1 to 1 interaction.

What I am going to begin to do is use my weekends to workout even if it for 10 minutes  or so least it will be something.

Finding the time when you are working parent can be tricky but you find a way.

I say use what time you have and work exercise around your lifestyle not  the other way around.

If you have stairs in your house use these as part of your exercise just make sure all is clear as you don’t want to be tripping over a toy left on the stairs.

Free Tripping Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...

Do this for all places you wish to workout, especially if you working out barefooted.

Invest in a workout mat. I love mine in fact I will be at some point grabbing this to workout at my home in Wimbledon.

When training at home I would invest in a set of dumbbells as these are great to keep on you and leave them in a room that I use a lot. In sight in mind.

Working out at home doesn’t need to be hard graft in fact some workouts when I do, I take my time. It’s not about racing your workouts but benefiting from them.

So take care and stay safe.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Watching old football matches

Hello and happy Wednesday, we are halfway through the week and the other day I was flicking through the TV guide and came across an old football match Man United against Arsenal, and I watched the whole of the first half, well practically.

I knew it was a old one because they had Andy Gray who is one of my favourite Pundits commentating and Phil Neville was playing, so it was quite an old one, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

Ronaldo who I did think was a bit of show off then, dominated the right hand side of the pitch and reminded me of what a great footballer he really is, because he literally played most of that game with the ball to his feet, it just the other plays couldn’t keep up with him.

What I love about old football is the lack of diving as this is one of my pet hates, I do not like this being in the game, especially in the British game, and even I moaned when many Chelsea Players would do that, as it wastes so much time.

Of course there was no VAR so it all was judged by the referee, and I got to say Roy Keane took no prisoners when he played and would take you out if you had the ball, and many of the free kicks and bookings were harsh because he did go for the ball at the same time, and could you imagine if the old Leeds players got booked, they were known to be rough team same as the old Wimbledon FC team, there’d be no one left on the pitch.

Football is a different game today, and many of it very commercialized, hence why I started to follow lower league football, because that old passion is still there. I am dying to go back to Craven Cottage again where Fulham FC play. I was a steward there during season 1996-97, and absolutely loved it.

Me and one of my friends would also even after I stopped stewarding went to watch Fulham FC, when Chelsea FC played away.

Fulham FC is a brilliant ground to go to and is a much better layout compared to Chelsea as they have built underneath and around the ground, that there is no chance of overcrowding or anything.

What I also loved about the old football is the songs. I do love a football song and this is my favourite. The World In Motion where glorious John Barnes did his famous rap.

So if you too like watching old football matches then get in touch I’d love to know which matches you liked by commenting below.

Please remember to follow me via WordPress.com for news updates of my blogs posted on this site.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Workout Clipart Gym Cartoon

Hello and welcome to another Sports and fitness coaching blog.

In this post I am giving My Ten Fitness Tips.

  1. Use fitness as long life time change not a short term or just for the new year
  2. Change your diet and do a food swap each day or week
  3. Workout to music. I find this instantly gets me moving, even if is dancing around the living room
  4. Plan your workouts and work them around your lifestyle, don’t work around exercise
  5. Have a variety of workout programmes to keep your energy to a workout on high
  6. Set yourself targets and goals every time you plan a workout
  7. Lay your fitness gear beside your bed so you can put it straight on as soon as you get up in the morning
  8. Have purpose. So this could be setting up a 5KM Walk or run, or work towards a dress you have been meaning to get into
  9. Increase your workout gradually not all at once, as this can destroy your energy and enthusiasm if not
  10. Set a time and put it into your schedule

If you have any further tips then please share, by commenting below.

You can follow this blog to keep up to date with my posts and I will post again next week.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Keeping fit during Lockdown

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I have to admit the Lockdown is taking its toll and to be honest getting pretty fed up with it. I know we have to follow precautions but Boris Johnson the Prime Minster of the UK, seems to have confused a lot of people.

Trying to keep myself busy has been tough, but I have done it. Once the lockdown has been removed I will be doing some more long distance walking, which I have missed.

Walking is my exercise at the moment, I haven’t done any the last couple of days, because of self isolation, but did some today and did feel very good.

The other excising I have missed is doing weights, but I am going to begin tomorrow by doing a 7 minute workout a day.

I am going to get up and train every morning, as from tomorrow. It is important to look after your health and fitness, to help with stamina, metabolism and flexibility.

Good Home workouts:

  • 12 repetitions of arm circles forward and back x 3 sets
  • 12 Press ups x3 sets
  • 12 Obliques x3 sets
  • 12 squats x3
  • 12 side legs raises, left and right leg x3
  • 12 forward leg raises, left and right leg x3
  • 12 back leg raises, left and right x3
  • 12 stomach crunches x3
  • 12 reverse crunches x3

This is really good whole body workout.

If you have been getting fit please let me know and what exercises you have been doing during the Lockdown. All comments can be left below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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Ten Things a Soccer coach should have

Female Sports Coach Clipart

Hey all! It is 4:04am and yes I am up blogging.

You could call it utter madness but my body clock just says “You know you are awake so time to be up”.

In this blog post I am sharing my Ten Things a Soccer Coach Should have:

  1. Excellent organisation skills, as often you will be responsible for collecting subs, looking after the team and keep tabs on the games that the team are going to play and look after your equipment
  2. Have enough footballs. Don’t over do it because the team needs to learn to share, but do pack extras in your car just in case. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they can go missing
  3. They possess a register of all the players which should be used on match days.
  4. A tactic board, as is easier go over what training we are going to do, and what we will be doing next
  5. A whistle to grab their attention
  6. Who is friendly, authoritative and approachable
  7. Who has team spirit
  8. Brilliant and effective communication
  9. At least level 1 qualified
  10. First aid trained

I have made the above list into a Cheat Sheet which you can download and use below:

Ten Things a Soccer Coach should have

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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