Sunday Run 21st April 2013

Today I went for my Sunday Run and really great to get back to it as I had missed doing my Sunday run the weekend before due to showing my in-laws around London. 

The day was lovely so I did 3-5 tracks around Rosebery Park in Epsom, which is a really nice park and well looked after. 

It so nice when the sun is out, everybody out minding their own business in their own world. 

However if you don’t fancy going for a run on some days why not put on the radio or your favourite high tempo music tracks and bop and dance away in your living room, I do this now on some days and absolutely love it, great to push those stresses away. 

Many thanks for reading.

Carrie X

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Blog Writer, Author, Content Creator, Mum and Housewife. Interests are managing my home, planning, being inspired by books, blogs and videos and keep a journal and creating projects.
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