The joy of Swimming

For ages I have wanted to return back to swimming but couldn’t find a Sports Centre that would offer membership just for using the pool. Usually sport centre’s want you to buy a full membership to use the whole lot including classes, however being a member of many gyms in the passed I know how expensive it can be. 



When I first started getting into fitness I used the gym as it is a good starting point, but now I do a lot of training at home and outdoors (walking and running). So I wanted somewhere, where I could just use the pool and found one. 

I am now have a membership with the Rainbow Leisure Centre in Epsom and pay for just using the pool. It is £29.50 a month which is a little expensive to use the pool but with that I can use the gym facilities if I wish to for just a small extra fee. They have a pay as you go scheme so is great as I may still want to use some of the gym facilities. 

However since getting back into swimming it has really revitalised me and I had forgotten how therapeutic it is, I feel so much calmer, and like walking it does help to clear the mind.

I now go 3 times a week if I can and love it, I will continue to do this as much as I can and it is one of those types of exercise where by you don’t feel like your really doing anything but you are, and after a swim my arms and legs to ache especially in the evening and have found the joy of swimming once again. 


Many thanks for reading. 

Carrie X



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