Keeping active whilst pregnant

I am really struggling now being 30 weeks pregnant in keeping up with my fitness as my bump gets heavier but I do try to stay active even it is a short walk or doing some house work, it’s better than nothing.

It is tough as I do too much my boobs start to hurt, or I get heart burn which is so excruciatingly irritating at times. However doing a slow stretching and moving can help and I do some squats even if it is in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to bowl and I have stairs now too in my home so climbing these regularly helps me to keep active also.

I today designed a fitness and nutrition programme for post pregnancy as I can not wait to get back out there and run. It will be a challenge a new baby and fitting in everything but I will always make sure that I do a least 10 minutes in the morning, afternoon or evening workout to get my fitness up to track and I will be posting blogs on getting myself back to normal and providing advice to help other new mums get back into fitness too.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x


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Customer Service Advisor/Bookings Co-ordinator, Blog Writer, Author, Content Creator, Mum and Housewife. Interests are managing my home, planning, being inspired by books, blogs and videos and journally and creating projects.
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