Update on my new training regime for 2014

So far my new healthy eating plan hasn’t gone well, but I have started to restructure and plan my meals daily allowing one treat on one or two days, but my fitness has gone good and been really disciplined on this front.

I am now after I feed my son in the mornings at 4am, after winding him and allowing him a cuddle for 30 minutes before he is returned to his crib I will do 100 dumbbells and 100 squats every morning, with one other extra exercise on alternative days.

What I will do when lifting the dumbbells, is do 4 sets of 25 repetitions or alternate the reps so I do one set of 20, one set of 30, another set of 20 and another set of 30 totalling to 100 reps. With squats I will do 2 sets of 50 reps.

I am now also doing some during the day too, and going for walks regularly too taking Henry in the pram with me and the pram is not light at all, so helping me get back into shape aswell.

I am doing a Walk exercises home DVD too which I love it is brilliant and the new Davina McColl 15 minute workout, or I do my own workout to music on the radio stations on TV, which involves some aerobics, Pilates and yoga movements to help stretch and get my balance back ready for walking more and running.

I am not able to run yet as advised by the doctor as I need to build up to this again gradually but as soon as I do my first run again I will be posting on my blog.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X


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