What do you take with you when going for a run?

At first I did not know what to take and at first I just wanted to get out there before I started to convince myself not to and my husband was always in so didn’t I didn’t take anything at first as I wasn’t going far and if even now if I am running a short distance and my husbands in then I still don’t take any personal possessions, but I will take a bottle of water. However when Glen, my husband was at work and I wanted to go for a run then I would have to take my keys with me and did start taking my mobile phone with me too, for safety so if I did hurt myself or get lost which would happen often especially when going for longer runs then I could call my husband instantly.

so what should you take with you?

Short run:



Bottle of water


Long run:



Some money

Bottle of water

Oyster card (if you live near or around London) or Travelcard

If I am going somewhere else afterwards like I am today going to meet friends for lunch afterwards then I will take a light change of clothing too.

Never take anything which is too heavy, the lighter the weight the easier the run. However as you progress your training adding extra weight gradually if you are running with a lightweight rucksack on your back, then this is fine to do as this can help build the strength in your back, but build up the weight slowly and gradually as your strength progresses.

Soon my last posts will be sent from my wordpress blogs and I will start publishing my blogs from my new site where all my blogs will be published from then on, www.carrieshomemadelife.com coming soon.

This will be in the next 4-5 weeks or so.

Next post will be my next update on my training, but I will also be posting about strength training.

For now many thanks you for taking the time to read my blog,


Carrie X




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