Training delay due to an accident at home and sickness

It is inevitable that this time of year you get struck by a bug, but also many accidents that occur can be in your own home.

In the middle of November I went downstairs to help shave the back of my husbands head to give it a bit more shape and get rid of the hair at the back he couldn’t get too. I mucking about as I walked down the stairs not paying attention, slipped, bent my toe and my leg, causing excruciating pain.

I took it for granted but for the last 3 weeks since it happened I have been suffering the implications. Not being able to walk very far, and now every time I walk, even though it has gotten a lot better, I get a really bad pain in the top of my leg, like a twinge and gosh does it hurt.


Now I have to be really careful any wonky pavement or uneven bit of ground, it goes. I still have a sore toe from the fall, and it taught me a massive lesson.

Don’t take accidents in the home for granted.

I also got struck down by the Nora Virus which left me feeling tender, so my training as been put on hold a bit. I have got back out walking and a twinge isn’t gonna stop me, but has made me put a delay on my training, knowing I really want to get properly into it, but no point training if you have an injury that could get worse or when unwell.

Today I am going to fit in some weights and floor and the same tomorrow, but all because I took my eye of the ball I now can’t put in what I know I can do into my training, so no running until my leg properly heals.



Lesson learned. Be careful in the home,

  • Wooden floors wear slippers with a good under foot grip just for walking, a good comfortable pair of indoor trainers, bear foot making sure the floor aren’t wet in any areas and and make sure all floors are cleaned and clear before training

  • No playing about on the stairs, children will copy and the last thing you want is for them to have a fall. Being a parent you do have to set an example

  • Sanitise and clean all areas which can come into contact with all person’s in the household’s hands. Example: Door knobs, sponges, toilet flush, door locks, taps and hand towels

So train but remember to keep safe.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Customer Service Advisor/Bookings Co-ordinator, Blog Writer, Author, Content Creator, Mum and Housewife. Interests are managing my home, planning, being inspired by books, blogs and videos and journally and creating projects.
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