Fitness Diary 2017- New Year’s Training

I have no idea what is about to come my way, but the one thing I know is that this year things have to change. If I want to be serious about being fitter, more toned and overall, feel better about myself then I have to get my head into gear and just do it.

When I decided to get fitter and build my confidence, no more looking at myself in the mirror not liking what I see, I made a lifetime change and this year will be no different.

I haven’t been so serious about it, but now I am gonna be.

Those self doubts and self loath’s are slowly and surely weaning themselves back in, and I don’t want that. I want to make a change, a change for good.

I want to be the image in my head, not fiction; I want to smile and be happy with what I see, and I want to commit myself than I have ever done so before.

It is time to get down and get real, to make it happen.

Life is about challenges, taking on slippery slopes and taking everything head on.

Today I did my second run of the new year, 2017 and it felt so good to be back out there, pounding those pavements and enjoying the cold fresh air, and letting my legs do the talking, but keeping my eye on the path ahead.

It took some motivation to boost my confidence, but the important thing was, I got out there and as I was starting and coming to the end of my final run, I saw other people doing so too.

I have no idea why my confidence hits a low when thinking about running, because once I am out there doing so, I feel good and I am reminded of why I started in the first place, to build my strength within myself, to prove myself I can do anything I wish to do, but I have to believe it and feel it and want it.

I can’t be asking what if, and what else could I be doing, but be out there, making a difference to myself and others.

To me running is about building myself from within to the outside. I want to be feeling good about myself, for me, my son and my husband. I know my husband loves me for me, and wants me to be happy, not sad about myself. That’s not who he married, and I don’t want my son to feel the insecurities I feel and I want to show him how to look after yourself and love yourself.

When I was a child, it seemed to be seen as a bad thing to love yourself, but it isn’t, it is good and it is what helps bring you to the next stages of your life.

This is my fitness Diary and I am going to take you on my journey of my fitness for 2017, through blogging and creating videos.

I am not preaching about you having to get fit and exercise, I will leave that decision to you, but to show you that if you want to make a lifestyle change and be fitter, feel better about yourself than if I can do it, so can you.

Fitness isn’t about the new year, but about creating a lifestyle change that you carry on doing for the rest of your life

Many thanks for reading,



Carrie X

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Life Coach, Blog Writer, Author, Content Creator and a Mother. My aim is to help people with parenting, building success, health and wellbeing and creating a network and community through my blogs, books and video content.
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