Fitness Diary-First week of 2017

My first week into the new year and no matter what, I have worked out each day, this week, whether it be a little walk or a run, a bit of training indoors and ignored the voice telling me “No”; I have completed my first training schedule I have written in my fitness planner and I am very pleased with myself.


You may say “Aren’t you good” in a sarcastic tone, if you have like I have in previous new years, given up within 3 days.

However let me get this straight, IT’S ONLY BEEN A WEEK, since I began my fitness for the year! It isn’t as though I am new to fitness, but like so many I have put it off until tomorrow and made the excuse of “I have run out of time now, too late to do any training” but yet I have had plenty of time to catch up on social media and emails through the day.

This year I made a pact with myself, because I started to feel ugly again, not liking what I was seeing in the mirror, self loathing and I needed to wake up to myself and say,

I need to put the time and effort it, and commit properly, not casually!

I have had to keep telling myself that fitness doesn’t have to be hard work. I did a brilliant workout on Wednesday, which was doing some floor exercises, taking my time and stretching. Overall allowing my body to expand not rushing any movement, but just working through each exercise to listen to my body and still push it to the limit but then slowly work it back to relaxation again.

It felt so good, and yesterday same thing, I slowly did some reverse crunches, alternate crunches, scissor legs, bicycle legs and leg raises, then normal crunches and got up jogged on the spot alternating with kicks, and my son joined in with me too, and we had a little jog, making sure we did this safely, to the gate to the other kitchen door and back into the living room, and it was really good.

What I have come to realise this week, is that sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in thinking that fitness is a chore. Now I love doing the exercises where I just take my time and work through each part and how good it makes me feel, and it gives me instant energy, that it is more of a ritual, and I am going to do this daily, even if it is for 5 minutes.


I even completed my first run on the treadmill yesterday of this year. I was getting that inner voice telling me “No chill, watch TV and do it tomorrow”, I am glad I didn’t listen. I knew I would feel better once I went into our summer house, where my treadmill is and did my workout. It wasn’t for very long, I did intervals of running for 2 minutes, making sure I warmed up and cooled down and then walked in between running.

Fitness is about building, not doing too much too soon, listening to your body and doing what you are ready to do, stretching the body to the limit and gradually increasing the intensity. At the moment, the amount of time, isn’t my main focus, it is getting up and doing the workout that is important to me right now.

I will do more and for longer when I know I am ready. My ultimate goal is to eventually get back to the length of time I was working out for on the treadmill, but my strategy I realised had to change to continue my motivation, as my motivation to get back on the treadmill was faltering.

There isn’t nothing wrong with starting again; it can be the best thing, as what I was finding before was that I would do too much too soon, after being so good and building gradually. I would burn myself out, and don’t what that happening again.

Plus I had an injury from mucking about on the stairs, see my blog where I share this (see link) below:

It is also about timing, I know it wouldn’t be a good time to do longer on the treadmill now due to my mindset. My mind is getting back to encouraging me and pushing me, but not too far. My thought process has to help me, as if I am not psychologically ready then neither will my body be.

Our minds can play the biggest part in what we do and how we feel. This in turn helps to build relationships with the things we want to be part of, in our life and so it is important to get in tune with the mind, and reprogram the mind to love exercise and have a good relationship with ourselves.

I want to see an image in the mirror I am proud of, not fed up of and be comfortable within my own skin. I know from when I first began to keep fit, this helped play a huge part in how I felt, and so I am going to commit to fitness like never before, and get back the girl I love.

See you next time and many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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