Fitness Diary 2017- 3 weeks in

It has almost been 3 weeks since I started my fitness again for the new year and I feel proud of myself that I have kept it going. Weekends are still a bit tricky, but once I get my Sunday’s back, which will be happening as of March, as I will be working Fridays and Saturdays, instead of Saturdays and Sundays, I will have that day back to do more training at the weekend.

I will be able to do my Sunday run, which I have missed.

It has been good to get back out there pacing the streets, or park I should say again, and just taking my time, going as far as my legs will take me.

I am not rushing my training now, and enjoying each workout I do.

What I am learning this time, or have learned, but have too often had to remind myself is that it isn’t about rushing it, but enjoying each movement.

Today I did my first DVD workout today of 2017. Fit in 15, by Davina McCall. I love her workouts and so convenient. No this is not to publicise, I am not sponsored by her at all, but I truly love her workouts.

I have still been enjoying my own indoor workout and still do this as a daily ritual, even doing some today aswell as the workout DVD. I am determined even before my weekend shifts change, to still do these after or before I finish work at the weekend.

I love them that much that I know it will benefit me if I do.

Seeing exercise as a ritual is a great way to keep motivated. We often can see it as a chore. I feel I have often written this, but who cares, repetition is good, it keeps it in our minds.

I need to just tell myself, if you do your ritual today this and this will happen, you’ll feel amazing, as you know you will, always. 

I have even cut down on my food. I am going for the banana and pear, rather than the chocolate and the crisps. If I fancy some chocolate I will still have some, but not everyday as I was doing, and eating more meals, filling myself up more when I am hungry and listening to my body.

That is important. You will soon, once you listen to your body, learn what it needs to stay healthy to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Goal setting is crucial it is what will help me reach my final hurdle, and I know in order to maintain the mind set I have now and I am growing, I have to continue to on setting goals and creating ones each day, to reach the big goal I have planned.

I want to be my ideal weight, 9 stone. There I have said it. I want to have a more toned stomach and arms, but I know I have to give up some stuff, and eat what I know my body needs and to exercise well, to reach those goals.

Like I said when I started this fitness diary, see Fitness Diary 2017-New Years training, is that I don’t know where this will lead, but I know what my goals are and what I want to achieve.

So see you in the next post.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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