Meeting someone through Sport

All my blogs I will be writing this week will be dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

I thought I would talk about sport, as it is a great way for meeting new people and building relationships. It is great environment, as you will find people being relaxed, because this is their own time, their own space and something they have been looking forward to all week.

Well this is from a supporters point of view.

Taking part in a sport though, can also be a great way to meet someone, from someone whom has taken part in sports, joining a sports team, because people will be more focused on the sport rather than the thought of meeting someone. It can be more of a natural environment, than building up the courage to speak to someone in a pub or club.

If you seen on my Sports page  you will read about what it has done for me, it helped build up my confidence and is a massive part of my life. When I was a kid, my dad used to play football for a local pub team, in Chelsea, London. We would often all go away with the other families whose dad or brother played for the side.

We would often go to Rye and have a weekend away.

They were great times, and people tend to let their guard down more when it comes to taking part or supporting a family member playing sport. So if you are looking out for a special someone in your life, consider playing, volunteering, like I did at Fulham Football Club and became a Steward, people always spoke to you, or follow a sports team.

Check out this article about Developing First Friendships through a shared love of sport

Forming a friendship first can be a good way to build up a relationship for it to then turn into a romantic one.

However be aware, as I have learned you can find that you can become too good a friends, and then it can feel weird. It can feel like you’re dating a family member.

It all depends on the connection you have.

With sport though comes team support and teaches about effective communication. That is why I do think Sport should be taught differently to children, to show them what attributes they can pick up, that will help them when they are older, and have to go to work.

It is also a great lesson to learn in terms of relationships. A team never wins on romance, and wouldn’t alone, but on true commitment, support and having the right attitude.

Learning to be on the same page and providing support to someone else.

My husband and I, one of our first connections and how we got to know each other was through the football teams we supported. We would even before we started going out with each other, have a regular bet when our teams played football against each other.

Him supporting Southampton FC and myself Chelsea FC. We would often go down to his local pub and watch the football together when we first began dating. A great way to take your mind off from the relationship, because we can often if you lack low self esteem put pressure on it, you become more focused on the teams playing on the screen rather than each other. A great way to bond.

One of my first ever guys I had a crush on was through following a rugby team. No it didn’t end happily but it gave me my first experience of having a boyfriend or a potential relationship, it taught me what not to do.

Which is a good lesson aswell. You are never going to meet someone or form new relationships if you don’t get out of the house, and sport whether taking part, working with in it or following a sports team or an event, is a often a great place to start.

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