Loving my walking training

Hi I am loving my training. I write this as I have finished my walk from Wimbledon to Putney, and now having a coffee stop with toilet break (sorry if this is TMI).

Picture below is of Wimbledon Park. Great place to walk when weather is good, and to have a picnic.

Then gonna head on soon for next part of my walk not sure which direction but will post this blog as I go with pictures. Still a long way to go.

I headed towards New Kings road, wanted to walk along the river but this is now blocked by a Members only Club. I was a bit miffed at this, as you used to be able to walk all the way along, but not now. Area has changed so much.

Picture below is taken from Putney Bridge 

Below is of New Kings road.

Oh no handbag broke damn.

I walked onto the Kings road then down Fulham road, and stopped for lunch in Starbucks, having a well earned roll and cuppa whilst doing a bit of writing.

Walking always inspires my creativity.

I made it! My final destination, South Kensington. Very enjoyable walk it was even though I have one handbag that needs fixing.

Many thanks for reading, 
Carrie x 

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