Finding it hard to do any exercise

Do you struggle to stay motivated to workout? Do you find it hard to get yourself to the gym? Check out this article for a list of strategies you can use to get yourself excited and focused for the gym to make sure you crush your workouts and build muscle. If you want to gain lean muscle mass but struggle to feel motivated to workout, make sure to check out this article! #workout #fitnesstips #exercise #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #mindset

If you are finding it hard to do any exercise, then fear not as we all at some point, can lose our motivation, and so keeping it on an even level can be the tricky part.

This leads me to tip number 1:

Loosen the pressure, and remember you are your own boss when it comes to exercise

As soon as you put pressure on yourself, that is when you want to do everything else apart from exercise, so ease the pressure and do as much as you want or as little

Tip 2:

Set a date

put it on your to do list and remember even 7 minutes of exercise at a high intensity is still as good as doing 30 minutes as lets face it, 30 minutes a day can be hard because of balancing everything else

Tip 3:

Prepare the night before 

Pack your gym gear ready, or put beside your bed, with your trainers.

Tip 4:

Exercise in your PJ’s 

I often as soon as I get the urge to exercise I get up and do some no matter what I have on, because as soon as I stay sitting I want to stay like that for the whole day

Tip 5:

Reward yourself

Mine is a cup of coffee and a couple of biscuits, okay defeats the object, but I don’t feel as guilty

I got some of these tips from:

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