Working through the pain

This Monday, the one just gone 30th September 2019, I started the week with another run, this time through Battersea Park, then continued with some walking up to Westminster to meet my mum for lunch. This was my third one since I got back into fitness, (please see my first two previous blogs, Getting back to fitness and Completed another run).

With my third run I had ran, working through the pain, which I keep getting at the back of my legs, it hurts more on at the back of my left leg at the bottom, and I did, and as I kept running the pain did start to ease off. I definitely saw progression in my run this time. I didn’t feel like I had hit a full stop like I did in my second run last week.

Picture of one the entrances to Battersea Park where I did my third run

It was my first bit of good running especially the last bit of my run since I had returned to running and felt like I was moving forward, instead of taking a few steps back. Stretching my legs and joints in the week leading up to my third run definitely helped, with some strength training aswell.

So far this week I haven’t done any stretching, so I am going to focus on that in the next 3 to 4 days leading up to next week, where I hopefully get to do 4th run.

Running once a week is definitely enough for me at the moment,and feel that I need to allow my body to adjust gradually instead of throwing myself into it, to the point I run myself out of steam.

Inside Battersea Park and my even though my legs were aching and hurting I was able to work through it and power on through

Planning my run as we approach each week is helping my motivation even though I do hear the voice in my head talking me out of it, as I get closer to doing my runs, but I say no, and power on through. It does take a lot of discipline, but once you get yourself into a routine it does really help.

I did include walking too, as I still not able to run without running in between, but that will come in time.  The total number of steps completed with running was 21,580, this included doing the school run there and back, walking from school to Epsom station and back once returned and from meeting my mum to Victoria station too. This completed 15.41km burning 491 calories.

I am really enjoying my Sunday morning indoor training sessions aswell. The first Sunday I did this, I only did 10 minutes of just weights (using dumbbells) and stretching, my arms, obliques and legs.

This Sunday, the one just gone, I did weights, stretching the arms, obliques, legs, some   leg raises and squats. Again going to add more as I continue on, but gradually. I also did some training at home last Friday too, and gonna do the same this week aswell. I am going to try stretching 3-4 times a week, doing just stretching on 2 of those days, and do a full body workout, with stretching twice a week aswell.

Walking along the River through Battersea Park heading towards Chelsea Bridge. I love running and walking along the River it gives me a sense of peace.

Mixing up my workouts and changing it to adapt to how I feel at the time as I continue to workout is for me the greatest way to keep my fitness regime going.

Working out isn’t always easy because as human beings we do get tired and we have busy schedules and sitting on the sofa all day is very tempting at times, however having Type 2 Diabetes I know for my health I need to step up and take action, and only I can do it, no one else can do it for me.

“So yes it does mean working through the pain, but at the end of the day is it worth it?”

Yes, because I know it will benefit me not just for my health but for my wellbeing aswell.

“As they say no pain no gain”.

I will post again next week to let you know how I am getting on further and if I have seen any more progression.

This is not to gloat or make anyone feel bad but to inspire to show that if I can get fit so can you.

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I would love to hear your story and how you have gotten back into fitness? If you have started running again or new to running, please tell me, I would love to hear, and how you keep yourself going? Please leave a comment below.

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