One Step At A Time/Taking small steps towards achieving my #fitnessgoals

If there was a pill


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We would all like, if truth were told be super duper fit without the hard work of getting up early to do our exercise and stay in bed instead.. If there was a pill we could take that would make us healthier, give us the bodies we desire we would take it.

I have realised since I have been into fitness even before I took a bit of a back step and a break from it, is that there is no quick fix or a pill that can suddenly change your body or your health. It does come down to putting in the time and energy to do it.

With fitness making small steps towards your goals, which I do believe in setting as the point of wanting to exercise is to get a result that will lead to you feeling better about yourself and to be your ideal weight.

I don’t believe in heading for perfection, because no one in this world is perfect! You can trust me on that one! Small steps are just as important as making bigger steps. It is all about at first for me is getting myself fitter and my legs working again, whether it be strengthening exercises at home, running or walking, so they will eventually be able to work harder without aching, losing balance and move faster.

Setting a focus point on each area you wish to exercise and tone or strengthen more is setting a goal.

I find breaking down your exercise as you move into the weeks, so one day walking, another running and walking, the next strengthening and the next abs, etc, to be more effective rather than to do the whole lot in one go.


Goals and Targets 

Continuing on about goals theme, focus points and targets, I find them really important because;

  • It creates a focus and an aim for each area you wish to work on, and you can break each goal bit by bit

-One example, which is one of my goals as I continue to do my runs each week 1:

I want to work on finding my comfortable stride again by slowing down, be in control of my breathing and working through the pain.

Be precise about it.


The other could be: 

I want to run this route and reach up to that corner of the park.

It can be anything. They are your goals so set how you want to, but keep in mind that less is often more, and creating smaller goals will help yo towards bigger ones. 

  • Helps towards better habits and creates rituals.

I talk a lot about habits, rituals, goal setting and being more productive on my other WordPress site:

As it really helps with your mindset, which then leads to a better wellbeing. This is the same when setting fitness goals. We all want to feel that we can accomplish things in our lives whether it is work related, fitness or being a parent, we all want to see a good positive result.

Setting goals allows us to do that, and have the result we want at the end of it.

Having a focus point keeps us from stirring off the wrong road, it gets us up in the morning and get dressed, brush our teeth and get on with our day.

There is nothing more I like when having a workout is having a glass of water, then a cup of tea or coffee (decaf), a bit of mindfulness time and take a shower. That for me is a good habit, because it is my ritual. I need to keep hydrated for energy, I need to be in the moment to recover from working out my body and get clean. Who wants to be hot and sweaty for the rest of the day?

  • The more goals you achieve the more endorphin’s you get. 

As we tick off our goals the more we feel good as at last we are getting what we have set out to do, which is to feel healthier, look slimmer (if that is one of your aims) and to be ready to achieve the next goal.

Goals last forever, and I set goals for myself in all areas of my life on a regular basis and daily. A “To do list” is for me, more or less a goals list, why? because the task for example is to, dust the living room, goal: to have a cleaner and nice smelling living space. That is a goal.

If you see “To do lists” as goals, the more chance you are at getting them done. It works honestly. Well does for me, so worth giving it a try. This is the same with fitness, every time you set yourself a plan to workout in the week and you do, that is a goal.

Everything we do, even when we aren’t aware of it is a goal that we are setting for ourselves. This can be in our heads or on paper. When you say I really want to buy that magazine because you like the articles and stories, and there is a celebrity in there who you wish to be like, that is setting yourself a goal, because that magazine has a purpose to you, because of something or someone, which you wish to be like and you can use that to build yourself and your fitness.

I often buy magazines about fitness because they help inspire me to keep me focused on getting fitter, and that is a goal. I wanted to buy that magazine to feel good and inspired and to feed my hunger to make me feel good. That is a goal.

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What to put on a to do list:

Create goals that you know in your heart that you can truly achieve, for today, tomorrow, in a week, in a month, in 6 months or up to 12 months.

Go as far as you wish.

You can even as said above set them as you go through your day and a “To do list” as stated is more or less a goals list, because we all want a result at the end of it, that is the point of it all.

What I find and helps me to be more productive, is to brain dump all your to do’s on your list first in any order, such as your fitness goals for the day or week, then break them up.

If you feel you need a bit of help with your fitness, so have a personal trainer or join a gym, then go for it. Put that on your to do’s, and yes that is a goal. There are gyms such as The Gym Group and Pure Gym, where you don’t have to take out a full years contract, but you can pay month to month, or with Pure Gym you can buy a day or weekly pass. Or there are some local parks where there are free gyms aswell. See link below:

Do consider if you are like me walking or running outdoors the weather and so if you don’t have different clothes for the weathers, then I would add this to your to do’s list. The reason being I don’t like working out when cold, so I do make sure I have a thermal running vest and thinker bottoms,a good running jacket ideally with zipped up pockets, a good hat for the winter and a pair of gloves. Plus I always wear my bumbag.

Add in different workouts as you go and one of my to do’s is to keep checking out videos on Youtube and on other social media sites, of people working out, to help give me ideas and inspiration, to grow and to build on my workouts.

It’s about taking One Step At a Time and taking small steps to achieving my fitness goals.


Dealing with your inner voice 

Dealing with your inner voice in my head telling me “Don’t bother running today, just do some walking instead” is something I have to deal with every time I am on my way to do my run and during.

This inner voice can take control and stop you from doing your planned workout, if you let it. It can prevent you from achieving your goals and divert you to take an extra day off of rest, when really you know that you will feel better afterwards.

As soon as that voice starts to speak I literally shut it down immediately with “No I am going to do this no matter how tough it may be, I want to do it and I will do” and I in my mind I clap my hands and it stops.

Who do you want to be in charge? You or that inner voice?

Think about the after feelings rather than the ones you feel right now, with that inner voice that’s trying to talk you out of it and how you are going to feel. Let those thoughts come through, because the more we avoid the inner voice the louder it will speak.

However once you learn to listen and take control of this, the more you won’t allow it to affect you from achieving your daily and weekly fitness goals.

Keep a journal and you don’t have to post this every day. I like writing these posts because it helps me and you, keep tabs on my training. Keeping a record is a great way to look back and see how far you have come.


Feeling disheartened

On my 5th run/walk I did last week through Hyde Park in London, I started to feel a little disheartened because once again I found it really tough again. More than last week. I tried working through the pain and really tried to push through but my legs had other ideas and I had to stop.

Again the inner voice started telling me that perhaps I should give up and just do walking, but I was like “No I don’t want to” so I carried on, and whenever I felt like running again I did, and as I continued it did become easier.

I felt really disheartened to the fact I still couldn’t run for very long, not like I used to before I stopped and even put a post up on Instagram, about it too, where I basically said:


In #hydepark again doing another #run is it getting better? No idea I feel that there is a bit of progression quite small but taking small steps are just as good as taking big steps. At least I’m doing something so I tell myself but wish I had an engine in my legs to run longer sometimes. Still good to get out and be moving. Staying indoors all the time just makes the days feel less clear. HAPPY DAYS!

In thinking about this and I hope this doesn’t detour you from wanting to keep fit, but want to be honest, is that often you have to get through the tough runs and workouts, for it to eventually get better, and in thinking more about this,

isn’t that what life is all about?

I have to admit to myself that it not going to all be plain sailing and it is going to be tough, its been a year and a half since I did any and it does take time, but I do feel there is progress, because now when I walk I don’t get the pains at the back of my legs a lot now and is beginning to wear off, so that is one thing, plus I am getting nearer to finding my comfortable stride again.

When you feel disheartened, stop, take a break and reflect, then go again. Doing this really helps me keep going, and I kept doing my run over my cut of point, if you read my previous blog On The Road To Recovery #Walkingfit #Runningfit 

Of when I stop my running to go and meet my mum, who I usually meet for lunch afterwards. My cut off point is usually 11am.



Total steps:24,905

KM: 17.78

Kcal: 541


I still did it and that is the main thing out of all of this 

When it comes down to it all for me at the moment and is my main goal, is getting it done and completed, as I see it is another step forward to achieving my other goals.

I know if I don’t do it, it will make me feel worse and then I go through the mode of thinking “I’ve go to catch up” which in turn can destroy my  momentum to carry on. So even if it is a short workout, walk or run, or I wasn’t able to run as much as planned, the main thing is I still got up and did it.

As I continue it will if I keep adding and building my fitness, come at some point where I can run further on without tiring so quickly again.

It is all about perseverance and taking each training session as they come, helping you achieve your #fitnessgoals.

Please let me know about your fitness and how its going? I love to share and read other peoples stories as sharing is inspiring. You can leave a comment below.

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Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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