When training in the cold/what I would like to invest in/Stay safe

Its been a few weeks since my last post on this site, its been hectic with half term, birthdays and this weekend we have family staying for the weekend. However I have kept it up with my exercise and training and managing to train more frequently each week.

I now have been running 1 to 2 times a week, including doing a early Sunday Run. I love that my Sunday runs are back. I didn’t do one last Sunday as I was working, but I am going to do a run tomorrow and on Sunday this weekend.

I have been setting my alarm half an hour earlier in the week, about 5:30 to get up to do some training on some days and yesterday I managed to fit in two workouts indoors yesterday.

When training in the cold, I find getting a room warmed up really helps motivate me rather than a cold room, but obviously when running outside that isn’t always possible so I tend to run as much as I can to warm myself up and to help to strengthen and build the fitness in my legs as much as I can, and I have managed now going on my last runs I have done to run for a longer stretch than before, before needing to walk again.

What I usually wear my baseball cap, my purple and pink vest, my yellow bra, but would like a sports bra, as these are better, one of my pink running/workout jackets, with sometimes a fleece underneath, a scarf, a pair of good comfortable socks, and my running trainers.

One of my running jackets bought from House of Fraser 

I would always recommend in, investing in a good pair of running shoes, because I find I do run better with these and I do wear these for walking too, but you can get actual walking (long distance) footwear too.

I like to have a running/workout jacket because they don’t make you too warm, which is what you want, because as you do warm up and your body begins to sweat you can often want to strip off if you are too warm, but these keep I find insulated better, but enough for it to stay on and has zips so you can easily take your house keys for example, phone and anything else like an Oyster card if you are travelling to the start of your running route first.

Bum bags are great and I love mine. I always wear mine when travelling up to London, but when running local I don’t need it, so its good to have a jacket and you can even get running bottoms with zips too.

What I take with my when running up London in my bumbag. This was bought from Boots. 

The one thing that is important when training this time of year is to stay safe. I try if I can to run when it is light outside and in the mornings I start running from the moment it becomes light outside or later in the morning if I can.

I haven’t done a run up London these last few weeks but around my local area in Surrey, through the Common, our local park and recreation ground, but doing different routes instead of the same helps keep me stay focused and motivated.

I have begun because I do find I run better begun to since doing a run through Wimbledon Park is listening to music via my headphones and mobile whilst running, but again I only do this when it is light outside and there are other people around. I would never do this when running in the dark, because you do need to be more aware of your surroundings. The item I will be investing in again is a running vest for the cold weather because these are brilliant and worth the money.

I want a good woolly hat and gloves and a sports scarf rather than a normal fancy scarf which I am using in the mean time, but don’t want to keep doing this because sweat can often after certain amount of uses cause clothing to become worn quickly and smell.

The other thing I do to stay safe is to wear bright coloured clothing because even if it is daylight but foggy or misty it can effect people’s site and so to help fellow runners, walkers and vehicles when running across roads, I can still be easily seen.

In my opinion, as much as it is good to exercise, you have to be sensible and think about other people when training outdoors. I have often seen cyclists for example, jumping lights, wearing dark clothing, no helmet or bright coloured clothing at all, and not even using the cycle lanes provided, and I think that this is so ignorant and selfish, aswell as dangerous.

You have to respect other people as you would expect like to be respected yourself, and it helps everyone who uses the pavements and roads life a lot easier when we take care of ourselves and think about them too.

The other item I would like is a better pouch to put my phone in whilst running, because I find a lot that when putting it in my pocket it accidentally gets turned off or I have put the music on pause, so want a better storage option to prevent this from happening, and a thick pair of running bottoms. I had a pair before which I did throw away because I did have it in my head for a bit that I wouldn’t run again, but when I did run I had worn them a lot, because they do last a long time and do keep you warm.

I saw a report through a Whatsapp group yesterday that I have with other mums who’s children are in the same class as Henry (my son), really great and would recommend if you are a mum and have school children too, to create a group or join, as it is a great way to be kept up to date with school events and holidays, was that there is a man apparently in the local area attacking women and has made me be more vigilant about my running routes and that is not to run down any alleyways especially when it is dark or through commons or parks, as like in our area there is often no lights in these places and always run especially when it is dark on well lite areas and busy high street roads.

At the same time I am not going to allow such imbecile to stop me from running, because I feel why should I? Nevertheless I want to create less temptation or potential risk from increasing and stay as safe as possible.

If this means going the long way round then so be it, least you’ll get more of a workout this way.

So I am going to keep going as much as possible and will try and post more frequently again on this site from this point forward, and so see you then.

Stay safe and if an area looks dodgy or you feel uncomfortable going that way then don’t. Be aware and if someone does look suspicious or you do feel threatened by someone whilst running outside or training outdoors then do report it. 

If you have other tips on training in the cold and staying safe or would like to share what items you would like to have for your running or any training you do, then please leave a comment below.

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