Football coaching

Since the age of 11 all I wanted to do was coach football, yes I enjoyed playing but my dream was to coach.

Football for me is a great sport because you can learn so much, such as team building, communication, decision making and you have to be physically fit.

With Football Coaching it is the most rewarding experience you can do. Seeing those kids faces light up when they play and score is out of this world.

When coaching give encouragement and rather than criticize and ask questions, this will help make them think and learn what they need to do, and learn as they play.

You do want kids to enjoy the game, but at the same time remember it is sport and if they do want to play professional football when they get older then they do have to learn different ways to play the game, and learn which style suits them.

Teach them about the 4 corner flag which is a new style of coaching introduced to help adapt to different types of players, check out #FALearning.

When doing a session always have two sessions A and B, and make sure they keep warmed up at all times and have them be prepared for all weathers.

Never allow players to dictate but reward each player equally and never over promise.

Speak to parents and players directly and introduce yourself to them, and be approachable at all times, making sure their safety and security comes first.

If another person who has been DBS checked including a parent wants to help and get involved take them up on  it. Coaching on your own can be hard work and it helps the players as you can focus on them rather than collecting subs for example or looking after the substituted players on the side lines when playing a game.

Be precise and keep each session simple at first then progress, by adding a defender for example, having small sided games and then do some shooting practice by having a mini penalty shoot out.

So if you would like to football coach then do get involved and remember to enjoy it too and learn as you coach.

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