Supporting Lower Division Soccer

Coach And Player ClipartSince moving back to London, which was 12 years ago, as I had moved down to the South coast the one thing I missed was following football and rugby.

Before moving to the South Coast of England I would go and watch the London Broncos play and I was a season ticket holder for Chelsea.

I even became a steward once I left school for Fulham Football club, and did some work experience with the groundsman.

When that stopped as I was working full time in London, I would go and watch Chelsea FC and even went to a FA Cup Final or I would go to watch Fulham FC play.

I love supporting Lower Division Soccer and I have been to see AFC Wimbledon, Fulham and Leatherhead FC since then.

They are brilliant to go to and at Leatherhead all children under 8 years of age, get in for free.

They also do a club raffle, has a small bar and a food kiosk there too.

It is a small little ground but so totally worth it, and I will continue to watch lower league football as it is a great platform for youngsters to get into, to play aswell.

When I was coaching at Stoneleigh Athletic FC I would often arrange friendlies with Leatherhead Football club, because like at Stoneleigh Athletic FC they had a good set up.

With England FC I think that players from lower division should be considered aswell, because I do notice that with lower league football they appear to have more drive and determination.

I think lower league football is getting noticed because of the exciting matches and also great clubs to coach.

The set up we had at Stoneleigh Athletic was that we had professional coaches helping with getting the teams ready for the weekend. This was done at a school football pitch and at goals in Talworth; and the team would be coached by professional coaches every 3-4 weeks.

If you want to build a club of your own then remember they have to have a committee and be affiliated, and the coaches should be at least Level 1 qualified.

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