Keeping fit during Lockdown

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I have to admit the Lockdown is taking its toll and to be honest getting pretty fed up with it. I know we have to follow precautions but Boris Johnson the Prime Minster of the UK, seems to have confused a lot of people.

Trying to keep myself busy has been tough, but I have done it. Once the lockdown has been removed I will be doing some more long distance walking, which I have missed.

Walking is my exercise at the moment, I haven’t done any the last couple of days, because of self isolation, but did some today and did feel very good.

The other excising I have missed is doing weights, but I am going to begin tomorrow by doing a 7 minute workout a day.

I am going to get up and train every morning, as from tomorrow. It is important to look after your health and fitness, to help with stamina, metabolism and flexibility.

Good Home workouts:

  • 12 repetitions of arm circles forward and back x 3 sets
  • 12 Press ups x3 sets
  • 12 Obliques x3 sets
  • 12 squats x3
  • 12 side legs raises, left and right leg x3
  • 12 forward leg raises, left and right leg x3
  • 12 back leg raises, left and right x3
  • 12 stomach crunches x3
  • 12 reverse crunches x3

This is really good whole body workout.

If you have been getting fit please let me know and what exercises you have been doing during the Lockdown. All comments can be left below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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