Watching old football matches

Hello and happy Wednesday, we are halfway through the week and the other day I was flicking through the TV guide and came across an old football match Man United against Arsenal, and I watched the whole of the first half, well practically.

I knew it was a old one because they had Andy Gray who is one of my favourite Pundits commentating and Phil Neville was playing, so it was quite an old one, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

Ronaldo who I did think was a bit of show off then, dominated the right hand side of the pitch and reminded me of what a great footballer he really is, because he literally played most of that game with the ball to his feet, it just the other plays couldn’t keep up with him.

What I love about old football is the lack of diving as this is one of my pet hates, I do not like this being in the game, especially in the British game, and even I moaned when many Chelsea Players would do that, as it wastes so much time.

Of course there was no VAR so it all was judged by the referee, and I got to say Roy Keane took no prisoners when he played and would take you out if you had the ball, and many of the free kicks and bookings were harsh because he did go for the ball at the same time, and could you imagine if the old Leeds players got booked, they were known to be rough team same as the old Wimbledon FC team, there’d be no one left on the pitch.

Football is a different game today, and many of it very commercialized, hence why I started to follow lower league football, because that old passion is still there. I am dying to go back to Craven Cottage again where Fulham FC play. I was a steward there during season 1996-97, and absolutely loved it.

Me and one of my friends would also even after I stopped stewarding went to watch Fulham FC, when Chelsea FC played away.

Fulham FC is a brilliant ground to go to and is a much better layout compared to Chelsea as they have built underneath and around the ground, that there is no chance of overcrowding or anything.

What I also loved about the old football is the songs. I do love a football song and this is my favourite. The World In Motion where glorious John Barnes did his famous rap.

So if you too like watching old football matches then get in touch I’d love to know which matches you liked by commenting below.

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