Measuring my steps

Picture taken whilst out walking in London along the river thames

I am so glad to be back out walking outdoors exploring different places. Today I walked from Surbiton to Kingston, and then in my local area to pick up my son from School.

It is amazing how just doing the school run can build up my steps each day and running errands too. I have felt a little pain at the back of my legs but it does wear off after a bit and then I can walk in my comfortable stride, some more.

Walking can be done mostly everywhere and I love walking along the thames I find it so peaceful and calming. I plan to do a lot during the summer holidays as having a 6 year old to look after can burn off calories too.

The only area I have been struggling with doing, is training indoors, so going to spend some time before next week fitting in some good long training sessions at home to make up from the days I have missed.

When training indoors I do a mixture of strength training, to toning, cardio and some stretching.

It doesn’t have to be quick exercises, I like to take my time with each exercise to feel the fall force of it, rather than rushing.

Having some good music to listen to or a video is a good way of fitting in exercise, or even watching some TV whilst you do some.

Being someone who likes to walk a lot, working on my balance and stamina is a must and so I do tend to focus on these key things when I do my indoor training.

If you would like more details of my training then please leave a comment below.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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