Stay safe whilst training in the summer

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Hello and welcome to another blog. So the weather has been lovely over the last couple of weeks and days, and so you may be pacing those pavements whether it be walking or running, but sometimes we can over do it, causing us to be fatigued early or doing too much too soon.

This is how to stay safe whilst training in the summer,

  1. Always where breathable clothing because when it is hot outdoors we can tend to sweat a lot more, and if you aren’t wearing clothes appropriate for the heat you can experience blisters, rubbing of clothes and get cramps in your legs, toes and in your sides
  2. Warm up, stretch, main exercise, stretch and cool down
  3. Stay hydrated at all times, so drink some water or energy type drinks but not too many as they tend to have a lot of sugar in them
  4. Wear a baseball cap or a viser, that can protect you from the sun and not get too hot
  5. Train during the cooler hours, so in the mornings or evenings
  6. If walking far, never wear new trainers as they need to be broken into first and wear socks, suitable especially for running to avoid blisters, because they bloody hurt.
  7. Where sun cream, honestly it is amazing how quickly your skin can burn if not careful and is very sore
  8. Never train soon after having a heavy meal as this can cause you to feel sick or have stomach cramps
  9. Use well lit areas if training in the evenings and where clear bright colours so if you are crossing many roads you can be easily seen and definitely if you do cycling
  10. If cycling wear a helmet and protective gear, because however you may be careful on the roads there are still idiots out there that can knock you off, and I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

So enjoy your training and the sunshine and I will be posting again as of Sunday.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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