Alternative Ways to Keep fit

Girl getting fit

Hello and welcome to my new sports and fitness coaching blog post. So at the moment I am struggling due to my son being off now for the school holidays time to train indoors, where I will use my dumbbells to tone my arms, squats, leg raises to tone the bottom half of my body and obliques, so I have been using alternative ways to keep fit instead.

I have been doing this by carrying heavy bags of shopping, carrying my rucksack on my back making sure the weight is level and the straps are even on both sides, pushing a shopping trolley when taking my son to the shops, and you will be surprised how by just doing these little everyday things can help tone your body.

If you are not able to get hold of a set of dumbbells then use equally filled water bottles as weights, when you are in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil and I used to do this a lot, do multiple exercises with my arms, legs and abs, or whilst you are cooking a meal for your family.

Or whilst doing housework put on some tunes and use the opportunity to dance around your house whilst going round your home tidying up.

When walking around outdoors I have seen a lot of people doing weight training in the parks I have visited, and if you want to do an outdoor class then try out the military fitness classes or buggy fit. I have done both and totally recommend, as the classes aren’t long but boy do they make you sweat.

I have tried working out in the evenings, but because my son takes ages to get to sleep some evenings I have found it tricky to keep this going so instead I will try to do a long workout indoors tomorrow whilst my son is with his dad and make up for the time lost then.

However the one thing that has kept my fitness up is walking, and this I have found to be easier because having a child to look after can keep you on your toes and stay fit.

Anyway I will keep you up to date with my fitness regime for this year and give some tips and tricks on the way, but until then please enjoy the holidays the best you can and remember to stay safe as much as possible.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X

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