Getting fit whilst the gyms are still closed

With the lockdown I think many of us have put on some weight, I know I have and so started a few weeks back now into getting back into shape and burning off the pounds.

Getting fit whilst the gyms are still closed is a easier than you think, and I have seen many people take advantage of being outdoors again and getting fit by cycling, running or walking and even skipping in the park or in their gardens.

You do not need from my experience a fancy pair of trainers, and you can pick up some good ones from stores such as Sainsbury’s, Amazon, Primark and Sports Direct.

I would invest in a bumbag or a good lightweight rucksack, especially if you do long distance running or walking, and you can safely take your personal belongings with you, making sure there are places along the way where you can grab a drink if you don’t want to carry one with you.

Take your Pilates mat in the garden and using exercises from a fitness magazine can be good or follow one on Youtube. There are loads of workouts on Youtube and I often will use them to help me keep fit.

Check out this one I always go back to and I enjoy:

If you have Sky then checkout the Fitness channel. I often used this channel to follow workouts when I had sky and the good thing about this is you can record them and save them in your Sky planner.

There are some great workout DVD’s from amazon, and see link below:

Check out Davina McCall’s workout DVD’s as they are brilliant and I always buy them when she brings out a new workout DVD each year, as they are really good and easy to follow.

Even if you don’t want to follow a workout on Youtube, the fitness channel or a DVD they are great way to get ideas and then develop your own workout, as I do a mixture of resistance, strength, pilates and yoga, and try to workout my whole body.

I of course if you haven’t seen my Instagram account (see below) do a lot of walking and try to do 20,000 or more a steps a week and so far have been reaching my target:

It is all about doing what you enjoy and moving around, but remember in the heat to wear sunscreen, have a hat so your head doesn’t get hot and drink plenty of liquids so you don’t get dehydrated.

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