Training during your Menstrual cycle

Free Images Of Exercise, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on ...Sometimes being on my period, and I don’t mind talking about this because let’s face it, as women we all get it at some point, so why not talk about it because if you are like me, I can on some days be heavy (I mean losing a lot of blood) it can really have an effect on my weekly exercise.

To work around your period always mark it down so you can sort your exercise in your schedule around your most heavier days. If you find your bleeding a lot when running or walking, then perhaps do some light weight training, such as floor work. This is because from experience when I am laying down it controls the bleeding a lot more rather than standing, so I will do some leg raises, crunches that really help take your mind off the stomach cramps you can get during your period, and weight training, so you are toning the upper body.

Once you go back to have a lighter days then you can continue to do more cardio work, such as running or walking.

When doing a half or a full marathon, take some tampons, menstrual cup or sanitary towels with you, because in the passed when I have done these  types of events I have bled afterwards. I know by reading about this, there are some people who say that exercise can’t effect your period, and some say it does, well in my case it did.

I have never used Tampons or a menstrual cup, and have always used towels, but do what works for you and make sure you have them on you should you start to bleed, as you can get spotting.

Spotting is basically little specs of blood, but not a full period.

I have also found that when I am on my period my energy levels can be effected so when I feel like this, I will do some light or short walking, or rest until my energy levels increase again.

The other symptom I get when I am on my period is, even though I have showered, I can get really bad B.O armpits, and there is nothing worse, so what I will do is get some freshening wipes, take some travel size body spray and a roll on, so I can use these through out the day too prevent this.

Always listen to your body and never over do it, and do the best you can.

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Carrie X

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