Why Getting Fit Should be at the top of your list

Get fit with these 11 exercise classes to try out across south London this  winter - for FREE | Your Local Guardian
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So to make it easy for myself, as soon as I see getting fit as a chore I instantly change my mindset on the one item that keeps me in shape that I don’t see as a chore.

One of my goals this year was to keep walking so I could do running again, but because my metabolism has been up and down, it has not always been possible, but just doing a little bit each day is still something and when I have a full amount of energy again, I will then continue and do more.

The reason why getting fit should be at the top of your list, is because there are so many benefits, but find what you enjoy first and how you can work it around your lifestyle and make it fun.

Even dancing in your living room is still exercise whilst doing chores and errands, like hoovering, mopping, wiping down surfaces and putting out the rubbish. It still adds up and now I have health app that measures my steps I do each week, has really made a difference to my wellbeing and gives me momentum to keep doing exercise.

Will I be setting myself Fitness goals in 2021?

Yes, it is going to be in my goals under the heading Play, as when you see fitness as a positive habit or a ritual, the likelier you will do it, and keep tabs on your progress, which adds to your adrenaline to keep going.

Getting fit was a Life change and that is how I set goals. I ask myself, What life change can I add this year, that will benefit me and allow me to, to continue to grow?

A resolution is something you wish to change just for the new year, but a life change helps you keep with it forever.

Don’t add too much, as quality is better than quantity and you can add other workouts as you gradually progress.

Fitness isn’t always a competition, but a challenge that you can continue to grow as you begin to get fitter and can spear on others around you, to do the same.

When I was taking part in fundraising events, many people at my work wanted to join me, and it was great.

So adding fitness to your lifestyle is easier than it often appears to be. It doesn’t have to be hard work, but makes you look forward to getting up each day, and once you begin it can become addictive.

So lets get fit and ready for another year, so we can continue to set our yearly fitness goals and ready for action.

Whilst I just finished writing this blog I have set my new goals for 2021 ready and I love them, and yes do the same honestly, it just gives you a buzz that continues to grow as you carry on setting goals.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie X

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