My Fitness 2021/Quick Tips To Get Fit At hardly any Cost At All

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Hello and welcome to another blogpost on my site Sport and Fitness Coaching. In this post I am sharing some quick tips to get fit and with hardly any cost at all:

  • Always have your near you and wear it as soon as you get up
  • Never have a full meal before doing any training
  • See it as exercise but as ritual and time for yourself as you are more than likely stick to it
  • If you don’t have a set of dumbbells then you can use two filled water bottles
  • Use your stairs to do step ups, alternating each foot to go up first and then back down on the opposite leg and then switch
  • Do press ups and crunches, Great for toning the arms and your abs, and no equipment required, but if you did want to pick up an exercise mat, then check stores out like TK Maxx or on Amazon or use a towel
  • I often do lunges, and you can do this forward or back or to the side
  • Walk everyday as even if you take a leisurely stroll it is still cardio and gets you out of the house
  • Dance around your house. If you don’t fancy doing lunges or squats, then put on some tunes and dance away
  • If you have a WII then why not put on the boxing game as this is great to tone the arms
  • As talked and recommended before why not do a workout on Youtube as there is a load to choose from
  • Sign up to Davina McCall which I have done this year, called Davina Own Your Girl and have a special offer at the moment of paying £49 for a whole year, and she has load of workouts you can do and even ones that other people have created and keep track of your workouts you do
  • If you are a personal trainer why not take the splunge and do a workout on Youtube for your clients to follow
  • The other thing you can do that won’t cost you anything is by doing Housework. I did this yesterday to clean up my room and I was surprised of how much of a sweat I had done. Vacuuming can still exercise the arms aswell and wiping and cleaning
  • Put on your favourite TV programme and workout whilst watching it

Exercise is about getting up and being active so do what you would like to do and do it for yourself and set yourself goals and keep up with following some positive habits each day and it can really change how you feel about yourself and your life.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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