Five Rules of Training Tips when you have no energy/Being on your period!

How your menstrual cycle can impact your training and fitness | Xtra-Fit |  Personal Training in Wandsworth SW London
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Hello and welcome! On this site I like to share my fitness and my love for sport. I have coached sport, I managed a football team, and in this post I am talking abougt Training when you have no energy which can happen being on my menstrual cycle.

So last Sunday I am not going into too much detail but I was bleeding very heavily and Hemrodging a lot, and should have gone to hospital as I felt very faint and my legs were on the curve of collapsing.

The reason why didn’t make a fuss, was because I was frightened about going into hospital because of COVID and because I had a nightmare that morning, because of it.

First rule# Don’t even think about doing any training. Hemrodging is very bad and if you are feeling faint you need to rest and be careful of stairs. There were a few moments when I was frightened to go down the stairs incase my legs gave way and fell down them. I was close in doing that, and so had to sit back down or lie down.

Second rule# If you loose a heck of a lot of blood go straight to A and E, and don’t feel guilty in doing so. Sometimes it pays to look after yourself first rather than anyone else.

I at one point had to return to my bed and so,

My next rule number 3# If would say that if you need some extra time in bed, take it.

Never do any exercise if you are too weak to do any. Your health should always come first, and have a lazy day.

I love Lazy days and really make the most of them.

Rule 4# Don’t venture outdoors until you have fully recovered. I have found at times that even making the smallest amount of steps outdoors can cause me to bleed heavily in the first few days of my period.

When you are ready to go out again, make sure you know if there is a toilet nearby just in case.

Rule 5# Use the feelings of guilt of not doing any to make you determind when you can get back into it, you can, and I would begin with floor work, as squats and lunges can often cause me to bleed also, so avoid these until your period has finished

So I wish you a great weekend and I will do a Youtube video talking about my fitness at some point, and when I do I will let you know.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie (L.M) X

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