The Best Way To Teach Kids Football

So many of you may not know that I am a qualified football coach and would like to use this site to give tips on coaching, because it is very rewarding and uplifting experience. If you have a group of kids who want to play the game then it is important you help build their confidence up with the ball, as when they are that age that is what they follow, and end up bunched up together.

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When the ball is kicked high to them they can become fearful of it, so you want them to be comfortable enough for when the ball does go up in the air to have the confidence to still control the ball.

The two major things you should be focused on is Ball Control and Game Play.

I did the drills where they would spend time passing in twos and then in fours and then take their turns, but kids get bored and so the best way to teach them is to at first spend time allowing them to muck about with the ball so they build their confidence with it and then them create a drill around game play.

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There are plenty ways to do it, and remember to have:

  • Bright coloured cones
  • Bright coloured Bibs
  • A bag of footballs
  • A tactic board and pen with magnetic coloured magnets
  • A register of who is there with their emergency contact numbers
  • First Aid Kit
  • Whistle

To get them all playing have them in a large circle, kicking and playing with the ball or in a square, and have them do different skills with it, demonstrating. Now the FA in their training talk about Progression, this means making the training more challenging so I would them have them spread out and play a match coaching them as they play so like spreading out, putting them in various places, like defence, midfield and up front.

Coaching Kids High Res Stock Images | Shutterstock

Keep it simple, at an easy pace and avoid talking in football language because this can confuse a kid no end. Kids don’t want football to be a Science Project but game they love and enjoy and see themselves doing one day professionally. It can help with communication, endorphins and staying healthy, and leadership. Never pick a captain because they have a big mouth, a mistake I saw a coach do when I coached a girls team. It is not how loud you are, but how responsible and determind you are. A Captain is there as added support to their fello players on the field, and directs the play being on the field.

So if you are coaching or want to then I wish you Good Luck and many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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