Totally Wonderful and a Spectacular Game

Even though I am changing this site to another platform I feel I need to write this before I move to a new Platform, but it seems that Sport especially football has been affected due to Lockdown and that I want to remember it not for the badness but for the good and football was a wonderful game and yes a massive change is about to commence and yes I am very sad because of it.

I fell in love with the game long before I had realised and when I realised it, it was like an open door that I never wanted shut because I began to see it for what it was. It took people out of their normal lives to see fello supporters, have a drink in the pubs beforehand and then cheer their hearts out and it helped football be a phomenon out of all the sports and became a world of its own, and I am so glad now 32 years later that I have those memories in my heart forever.

If football becomes no more than thats remember the heros and enemies of the game that made it entertaining and a time of loving a sport that took over the world and created stars that will go on longer than the game itself.

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I bet many who when they first heard the song All I want for Christmas is you, by Mariah Carey people thought of Boxing day football for their team to win and to get Promotion, win the Premiership and FA Cup, and my favourte day of the Year which took over Christmas for me at one time. FA Cup Final day, and being at one of those it was one I will never forget.

I took a photograph of Middlesborough fans when an amazing goal of that match was scored, but now I have that memory to treasure. I know many things changed due to a horrific disaster back in 1989 and it has taken a lot of time for me to get over, but it never destroyed my love of the game, and I am so glad I put together Scrapbooks of pictures from newspapers my Nan would keep for me and endless clips from Football Magazines and if you have done then same take them out and have a look in them and that even though it may no longer be those scrapbooks will last a life time and will capture the game for what is was, Totally Wonderful and at times Spectacular.

Many thanks for reading,

Carrie L.M X

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