What to find ways to help get more out of your fitness, then why not check out this 5 strange tips that work apparently.


Realbuzz is a great source of information if you to like to get into shape and exercise regularly. So go check them out.

Disclaimer: I am not a advertising as such as I am not sponsored in anyway, for Realbuzz I just am a regular subscriber and always find their articles helpful. 


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Here I will be posting my fitness diary for 2019, and linking my new printables page on carriesrealworld.com whereby you can download a copy of my exercise plan for 2019 worksheet to use aswell.

Fitness is a huge part of my life and it is important for me to set goals for myself each year. This year is to get my fitness back by adding some workout training on the treadmill to walking outdoors, and training at home.

I have belonged to gyms before and they are a good place to start, but with my budget being tight I have to think of ways of getting fit without the cost of a membership fee.

Check out my Free Printables page where I have shared my Exercise Plan worksheet and Exercise Report sheet for 2019.

I wish you all success with your exercise and loved to hear what you plan to do and your fitness goals for 2019.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie X


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Fitness Diary 2018

This is the last post of my 2018 fitness diary, and it has been up and down this year. I am still not back to where I was in terms of fitness but slowly getting back to it, and measuring my steps each day is helping.

I am going to develop a new exercise plan for 2019 and do one workout on the treadmill a week, plus walking more outside when I am not working, and doing two days of weights aswell, with some floor work such as press ups, leg raises, core work and much more.

I know not to over do it, but I just need to get back that motivation and walking is really helping me to do that.

I will add some printables to once I post on my 2019 Fitness Diary. I definitely going to step it up and really push myself as much as possible.

So bring on 2019.

Happy New Year to you all


Carrie X

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It is not uncommon to put on the pounds at Christmas with all the food and drink, but there are ten unusual ways to burn Christmas Calories, check out this article below for details:



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Check out this article from realbuzz.com about 7 strange health tips that work



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10 Ways to have a healthier Christmas

Do you want to be healthy this Christmas?


Check out this article on Realbuzz via the link below:




Lets face it if you like me I will be pilling on the pounds if I am not careful so going to lower the amount I eat and do a Christmas workout.

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How to Lose Menopause Fat

Check out this blog post by Lucy Wyndham-Read who is a Trainer with 25 years of experience knows why we put on the pounds as we continue to get older.


I have noticed a big increase with my weight since I turned 40 and it didn’t help by being on Olanzapine which an anti psychosis drug. It can cause an increase in blood sugar levels and high cholesterol, so I have come off that medication and been given an alternative.

I now have type 2 diabetes so I have to watch what I eat and count the calories unlike I have done before.

Many thanks for reading,


Carrie x


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