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Hi there, thank you to those who already follow my blogs, and hello to those who are new. This blog site is dedicated to my love of sport and fitness.

I started getting into fitness back in 2005. I had put on loads of weight from being on The Pill, and was fed up of feeling bad about myself. I started to take action and make a change. I came of The Pill, and used alternative contraception, began to lose weight by reducing my portion sizes, eating a lot healthier and getting fit.

However last year due to other medication to help my anxiety as it had gotten so bad I ended up in hospital, I had put on weight again and was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Check out my blog  My Worse Nightmare.

I knew I was slowly going back to my old ways, which was such a shame as before then my fitness was good and I was running really long distances. So I changed my medication, and now not on any and once again worked my hardest to lose weight.

Now and I will talk more about this in my next blog post I found out that my diabetes had reduced, my cholesterol was back to normal, my liver was good and my feet were better. This was through walking more, gaining my energy back, reducing my meal sizes again and eating a lot healthier.

Since September I have started running again, check out my recent posts below where I share my training since I got back into fitness:

I feel so much better than I have ever done before and going to try my damn hardest to keep going. I still got some more weight to lose as I am not at my ideal size yet, but I am happy that progression has been made, and so it may continue.

On this site I will keep recording my progression and of my fitness, so it helps and inspires others to do the same.

My love for sport has been the same since I was a kid and like watching various sports on TV, from Athletics to football and will do many blogs on this subject aswell. Watch this space!

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So if you are new to my site then welcome and to those already following me then
thank you so much for your continued support.
All the very best,
Carrie X

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