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Hi All! If you are new to my blog website, or websites, as I do have quite a few (see list below):






I have been writing blogs for 7 years, first of all talking about organisation, then about my struggle with self confidence, and then I discovered WordPress.com and Weebly.com and now I have my main site: http://www.carriesrealworld.com, which I share with my wordpress blog, https://everydaylivingandlifestyle.wordpress.com.

I wanted to create a blog site sharing my passion for Sports and Fitness, and first of all had a website, called Sports and Fitness Action, but then wanted to change it to a more of a blog website. My Sports and Fitness Passion website, was born.

I love keeping fit, it has been a massive part of my life since 2005 and then sport I have always loved. I am a massive football fan, follow Chelsea Football Club, and I have managed a football team of my own, being a qualified football coach, but I stopped due to my son being born.

I have also been a huge fan of a Rugby League team, called the London Broncos. This became a big part of my life. I even co wrote a supporters club newsletter, called “What ever happened to Fulham” (The London Broncos used to be the Fulham Rugby League team in the 80’s, when the team was first created).

Since first writing this blog, I have taken on many challenges, such as the 10K British London Run, the Great North run, The Royal Parks Half Marathon, Race For Life, The Moonwalk and last year I did the Thames Path Challenge walk, walking 25km.

It is good to challenge yourself and watching sport helps inspire me to do so.

Many thanks to those whom have visited my website and sites so far, it truly means a lot. Thank you to those, who have given me such wonderful positive feedback too.

I would love to hear how Sports and Fitness inspires you too, and what challenges you have undertaken that have helped you become fitter or built your confidence.

Getting Fit and Sport after all can help bring people together,


Carrie X

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